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Thread: 2 players re-assigned

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    Default 2 players re-assigned

    Peel and Sparrow have been re-assigned to Junior A. Thoughts..

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyfan123 View Post
    Peel and Sparrow have been re-assigned to Junior A. Thoughts..
    Not surprised. Pavkovich is similar to Sparrow and is 2 years younger. Peel is good but the Pats just don't have room for him to play.

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    i like both of these moves i have never been a fan of Sparrow altho this year he has looked pretty good.

    Peel plays scared out there this is no surprise to me at all the he is sent down to junior A. This is what should of happened for Bortsmayer last season. Im glad the Pats are taking the proper steps in developing Peel as the kid needs ice time.

    Sparrow should of been sent to junior A last year as well it just blows my mind on how Hunt is a year late to acknowledge that these players (sparrow & borstmayer) are still not ready for the WHL but yet last year they were?? Tell me Hunt does this make sense? I did feel Bortsmayer was & is ready for the WHL this year, he has made huge strides in his development from last year to this year, & also Bortsmayer could be learning from a vetern Dman like Schnieder now.

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    The Pats sending down two defenceman is the right thing to do.It looks like the defence has been solidified with the acquisition of Schneider and Bidlevski.Bell and Davidsson have been solid all year. Pavkovich is getting better each game and looks strong defensively.The defence looks to be deep in the future with Peel,Burrows and Borstmayer ready to step in next year.Spooner is a good pp guy and Blidstrand will improve as he learns the north american game.I could see Sparrow return if the injury bug hits the team.Sparrow also didnt look out of place crashing and banging on fourth line at times last year.Peel needs playing time and it was a wise decision to send him down for the time being.Peel is going to be a very good defenceman in the dub.

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