Well i must say i am very impressed with the guys Lang has brought in, Olstad uses his speed well & gets a bigger role here as the #2 C Moser i was very impressed with as well he never quit working, took the body & his goal well wasnt a hightlight reel goal maybe more of a misplay of the day type goal lol but im sure he will take it as well as the pats since it was the game winner.

Neigum i think this guy brings abit of calmness to the bench/dressing room, him &Bidlevskii having those type of guys around can help with this young group. Neigum i believe it is his 1st 2 goal game of his WHL career, worked his arse off tonight if it wasnt for Reider having done the same thing Neigum would of won hardest working forsure.

Reider played fantastic tonight had a great battle all nite with Yaworski, both got some good solid hits in on each other but i most definately give the advantage to Reider for sucking in Yaworski into a slashing penalty after another series of battles down low.

Would be nice if the Pats could get there hands on a young big physical Dman, Borstmayer is big but plays soft. We need a Dman that plays on the edge abit.

Does anyone know if Spooner has any desire to play hockey anymore? If so we need to move this kid, he has some decent tools in the tool box nothing flashy by any means just needs ice time. I never understood how come he never got a regular shift when he was dressed but yet as soon as we got a PP he was out there on the 1st defensive pairing.

Spooner will be tough to move for a roster player, may even be tough to move for a defenseman list player since he LEFT the team, think at best we will get for him now is a 4th or 5th rd pick or a throw in in another deal.

Im curious to see what Martell can bring to our forward group now. I was tlaking to Lang tonight & he said Martell has alot of untapped talent, said he is prob a mix between Schiedl & Ouelette.