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    The city of Medicine Hat has required a new arena for years now, not saying there is anything wrong with the current rink. The rinks capacity is on the small side 4300 i think, and could benifit from the added boxes etc that a new facility would bring. The trouble is with the citizens themselves. The Hat has an older demographic, fixed incomes etc. That group would be hard pressed to want to see thier taxes jump to build a WHL facility. Im just not sure that the city is willing to fund a new rink. That is unfortunate as i know there would be alot of long cold nights with out a major junior team in town.

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    I know that the player benches and penalty boxes are on opposing sides of the ice, and I think the ice surface is marginally smaller than WHL regulation, but what else could possibly not conform? It has more seating than a few other arenas in the league, so it couldn't be that. Doesn't seem like it would be nearly as much money to make the ice surface/benches regulation, anyone else know what it actually needs to become compliant, besides the ice surface/benches?

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