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    Garage sale/season ticket pickup seemed to be going well while I was there. Picked up a replica SK jersey for $30, an authentic for $50. Game worns were going for $60 I think. Lots of stuff to choose from, quite a bit of actual hockey gear too. Heard one of the cashiers saying the whole thing was on the honour system, as customers were in essence donating to charity. Good attitude. Hot dogs were "Western Family" specials, but the price was right (free).

    I'm not sure about the team intros and Marty at 1 pm, as I would imagine by that time the keeners would have finished shopping, wolfed the weiners and gone home. But I could be wrong about that

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    Boy pontcanna , I'm surprised !! For a fellow that was so negative about the ECHL Salmon Kings, WHY would YOU, of all people, want a Salmon King Jersey???? ----- Oh, I know, you were donating to Charity, right???

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    Negative about the Salmon Kings? You do have a selective memory. Skeptical about the fit of the league to the Victoria market and poor salesmanship by RG et al, sure. But I enjoyed the games and thought for the most part the team gave it their all while here.

    I could see both sides and didn't rant on in upper case. That doesn't mean I was twirling my Snidley Whiplash moustache and cackling with glee as the SK's were tied to the train tracks with the Dub Express bearing down on them.

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