They'll need a blue line and goaltending for that to happen.

300+ Goals against this season (on pace to be the only team in the WHL with that distinction)

I think Magee has a decent chance at wearing the "C" despite him only being 18 next season, but he is the heart and soul of the Royals now. Not the biggest, or the baddest or the most talented...but likely the best all around pound per pound player for his age in the western conference.

There is some upside upfront. But a hole lotta youth on the back end, and the "experienced vets" are either not that experienced (Fransoo) or not a leader type on the back end (Jr. for instance). They need a couple of 19/20 yr olds to stablize that back end and teach the youth how to play at this level.

As the saying goes "if you can't outscore your problems, then you have to cut out those problems". The Royals haven't been able to do either.