The Cougars seem snake bit on home ice. They had two tough 1-0 games this past weekend at the Station in Prince George.

The team is looking worse than they did during thier last home stand, and in preseason.

Owsley played very well, and as an overager he should. Unfortunately the same can not be said for Carlson or Asuchak. On Friday night, Carlson took two delay of game penalties, (Owsley took one). As well Asuchak took a double minor for high sticking. It was on this powerplay the Americans score. These are not the penalties that overagers should be taking.

Interestingly during the postgame, the Cougars coaching staff was complaining about the penalties being 9 to 5. Well take out three delay of games and its 6 to 5.

On Saturday the team looked more alive but still Asuchak on a 5-3 powerplay took a stupid penalty in the offensive zone, towards the end of the first penalty, and it nulified everything. After the game, the local radio was gushing over his play.

Alex Forsberg was invisible both nights. Elnuiyk look good both nights. Jesse Forseberg look good for someone who has been out injured. The team missed the spark of Tkatch.

This week we should hear on Connolly. He has 2 assists in 8 games, and is getting about 13 mins a game, sometimes as low as 11. He should be sent back to get stronger and develop more, in my opinion. Also Inglis comes back this week after 10 games. (Which he deserved)

Two road games, and the Giants in for a pair, should be interesting next weekend.