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Thread: Charles Inglis

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    Default Charles Inglis

    What happened to him? I saw he is not on the PG roster anymore. I know he had that lengthy suspension, and his last game was Dec. 2???

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    According to Dean Clark, he was sent home for breaking team and league rules.

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    wow? really? I guess that means his career in the WHL is done then.

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    The latest thing ive read is that he was sent home to await a trade. If that does not happen i guess theres other leagues to look at. I wish him all the best and if he gets his demons under control i would love to see him back as a blade ( but not likley)

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    Demons? What do you mean? A guy I worked with was friend with him when he played in Saskatoon, some of the stuff he told me about wonder the Blades traded him.

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    demons, issues, screw loose what ever his problems are that make him an expendable player. Thats what i mean. Bottom line is on the ice he is a good competaitive player who likes to win and plays with an edge. Something i feel the blades lack this year. So i hope he can work out his differences and get back to playing hockey in the WHL.

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    a little surprised no movement on this player. Maybe issues are too serious or are they asking too much in return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjw22 View Post
    a little surprised no movement on this player. Maybe issues are too serious or are they asking too much in return.
    Well, he was shipped out of Saskatoon and then shipped out of PG too. I don't think the price is too high, I just think that many teams wouldn't want someone like that in their dressing room. Something he must have done became a cancer in the locker room. Considering how poorly the team is doing for them to win 4 out of 5 after they got rid of him says a lot IMO.

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    It was reported but not elaborated that he done busted league and club rules away from the rink.

    Under influence of something?

    Your guess maybe better than mine but there was enough in the report I saw without needing to go between the lines or having the privilege of having a g.m. to g.m. conversation to know he would be a risk in anybodies room.
    It might have been Drinnan's blog, can't remember where I read it.

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    I know some of the stuff he did while he was in Saskatoon, and I have to say that he's not too bright away from the rink, let's just leave it at that. You're right though, anyone who screws up that badly in Saskatoon to get dealt really says something to who you are as a person.

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