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    Default Connolly Trade

    I like this trade for the Cougars. Win/Win.
    They either get something for nothing(5th Round pick)
    Or that and a whole lot more(the sweet conditional picks) for a guy who may have, at most, boosted attendance for a short while at the end of a season, with a slightly better chance of making the playoffs...and without Marincin...that will now be a taller order...
    Gives Connolly a chance at a Cup run, too, which would be great after a tough WHL career.
    Chances of going to Tri City? don't know.
    Warm Up the Bus....

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    I like it as well. As per the Citizen today even if Tampa doesnt send him back, and if they dont make the playoffs he cold end up in Tri-City mid April if they are still in the playoffs. That would be the second round or even third round. Even the most passionate Cougar fan has to understand this team getting to the third round of the playoffs is about as likely as snow in Jamaica

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