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Thread: Winther and Morrissey make under 18

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    Default Winther and Morrissey make under 18

    Morrissey as an underage. Wow

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    Congratulations to Josh Morrissey and Mike Winther. Well deserved. Bring back the GOLD! In a season that was tough on the faithfull fans who kept coming out, it should make us all take a step back and appreciate watching these players while we have them. Add to this the list of talent we have and the players who should step up this fall, PLUS any newcomers like Gardiner, Vanstone and others that come in and prove themselves for a spot, we SHOULD have a good year and be entertained. I'm still blown away at the support given by the fans and if anyone deserves a winning season, it's Raider fans. Go get em Mike and Josh. You represent the Raiders well and will make excellent Canada reps.

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    Mike and Josh both got a point in today's win over Denmark (goal and assist respectively). And Mike was +3 (Josh was even +/-).

    Way to go boys!


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    winther scores and nice second goal for canada

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