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Thread: TC vs SPO 2-2

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    Iconwhl TC vs SPO 2-2

    i dont think many predicted the Chiefs & Am's to have the series all locked up at 2-2 after 4 games.

    The Chiefs have been playing great playoff hockey having won 4 straight against the Giants after being down 2-0 in that series & also won game 1 against TC as well to win 5 straight.

    Eric Williams has taken the playoff starting role from Mac Engel & is running with it, the Chiefs look to live & die with Williams from here on out now. The Chiefs are also doing all this without there top Dman in Brenden Kichton

    Im really pulling for the Chiefs to get a date with the Winterhawks in the Western Conference Final, i dont think anyone predicted the Chiefs to be in this position.

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    I, for one, thought the Chiefs were the one team I did NOT want the Ams to play. Between the 12 regular season games, multiple preseaons games, and coaching staffs, there's too much familiarity between the two teams. In this rivalry, anything can, and usually does, happen. With the exception of Game 5, every game was a 1 goal differentiial and even Game 5 had an empty netter at the end.

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