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    Just looked at Sask web site trying to get update on Sask cup and I forgot to mention the other day that we have 4 listed out of the top 40 1996 for Sask. Rookie camp is looking good and can't wait to see who we draft in the 1997 age group. When you add in Duke and Wong and some of the others . I am getting more and more excited about hockey and less about my golf game

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    First year Preston here, if you could skate, you made the team. Last year except for the 13 game or so disaster, club started to make strides. This year even better. Those first years have learned the belong, I hope, and with a few old guys and a few good rookies should be in top third. Ahhhh, at long last, the boo birds just may go away. Nothing shuts up the naysayers faster than a winning team. Hurry please.

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