OK, here is a little project done back in June, summarizing the protected lists of all 22 teams.

There has been some player movement since then, so just know that it's not gospel as of August 22, but it's still very very close.

Also some liberties were taken on positions. For example, The Wheat Kings list Pulock as a Centerman and Pankewicz as a Left Winger, which I believe is the positions they were both drafted in. However, both have been used primarily defensemen by the Wheat Kings (the latter albeit just in prospect camps). There is a few like that spattered throughout, so again ... a guide, not a gospel, but with camps now upon us, it does give you some idea of the depth of each team (or lack of) by age group and by position.

(I posted it over at the re-created forum WHLForum.com)