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Thread: Winterhawks about to be clipped?

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    Section N, You have done a marvelous job of stating your case, I agree with all of it! As usual. However, trying to prove that to some of the less fortunate, chromosone missing, posters is a difficult job. Moose Jaw too, is considered a small market team and yet they fail to realise a ruling like this from the league is of benefit to their club as well. Hard to argue with the nonsence that comes out of a town that has a Moose, with bright pink balls, directly beside the nations busiest highway. You go on now MJ. Keep on counting those cans little buddy.
    You hillbillies need to worry about sending out a search party to find your missing 1,000 fans. We will continue watching our WHL team in our new rink for years after you are back to supporting the SJHL. I dont disagree with Sect N on most pts just the punishment was to severe. Just wondering how did little ol' speedy crik get a star like Sakic to go there HMMMM hey Ron.

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    Post Winterhawks still hoping to plead their case

    by Kerry Eggers.

    Owner Bill Gallacher, president Doug Piper and general manager/head coach Mike Johnston will converge on Las Vegas for the semi-annual WHL Board of Governors meeting (what, you thought they’d break bread in Saskatoon?) Monday and Tuesday unsure if the recent Winterhawks’ sanctions will be on the agenda.

    To refresh your memory, on Nov. 28, Portland was fined $200,000, Johnston was suspended for the remainder of the season and the playoffs and the Winterhawks lost nine draft picks — including their first-rounder for each of the next five years — for violations occurring over the past five years.

    Portland executives asked for formation of a special WHL committee to consider the case. They wanted a hearing, which seems reasonable given that the sanctions were far and away the worst in the league’s long history. (For instance, the previous high fine rendered by the league was $5,000).

    The league turned down that request.

    So the Hawks have targeted next week’s Board of Governors meeting as the time to plead their case.

    The Board of Governors includes a representative from each of the 22 WHL teams — normally the owner, but in four or five cases, it’s the club president. That’s the way it is with Portland. Gallacher, an oil tycoon often on the move internationally, has designated Piper as the Hawks’ governor. Alternative governors fill in if the regular representative can’t attend.

    The BOG meets twice a year — in June and in February — to discuss league matters, including television and vendor contracts, NHL and Canadian Hockey League issues as they pertain to the WHL and other various agenda items.

    Gallacher, who has rarely attended since purchasing the Hawks in 2008, will be there this time with Piper and Johnston.

    “We’re going to this meeting,” Piper says. “We’ve been talking with the league office. We feel like we’re in a good place with the league on this.

    “We’re going to the meetings optimistic that we’re moving in the direction to a solution we can all live with.”

    Have the Hawks been given indication by Robison — who has said he made the decision on the Portland sanctions unilaterally — that they will be allowed to present their case before their WHL brethren?

    “They’re working on a mechanism by which we will have some opportunity,” Piper says. “That’s all I can really talk about that at this point.”

    I don’t share Piper’s optimism about favorable results from next week’s BOG meeting. I can’t see peers who would benefit from their opponent’s demise rising to the Hawks’ defense here, even as the sanctions are way over the top.

    Maybe Robison will have a change of heart and trim the fine or the number of forfeited draft picks, or allow Johnston back for the playoffs. I don’t see it happening from a guy who won’t even answer legitimate media questions on the subject.

    And by the way, the Hawks will not only be in the playoffs, they’ll be the favorite to win the WHL championship and represent the league in the Memorial Cup. At 41-7-1-2, they own the league’s best record. Since Johnston was banished, assistant coach Travis Green has guided them to a 21-3-0-2 mark.

    The players I’ve talked to say they have a chip on their shoulder about the league’s treatment of their coach and their team, just a little added motivation in their drive to make it to major junior hockey’s pinnacle.

    The Hawks have engaged in preliminary talks with counsel concerning possible legal action against the WHL. They want to avoid that if at all possible. They don’t want to damage the league or their relationship with clubs they’ll have to go to battle against in the future.

    If only they got that kind of respect back from Robison and the league itself.

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