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On D-Fence IMO Fenske is in unless we trade for an upgrade (93) and there is not a lot out there. If Fenske is released then Hak's chances improve, as we would have 2 19's with Hak and Sinitdyn and the rest younger We are down to 9 D Men now so I think only 1 to be re-assigned, but it could be two as we could have only 7 on the final roster. Hak has had a very good camp so it would not surprise me we keep both Fenske and Hak in that case it is between Hand and Mumby and Mumby has had a good camp. That scenario makes Hand the odd man out and he should be of value to another team.
I'm sure we'll see one of the defencemen moved soon but you really think they would just release an overage player for no reason? Hey, I'm not a huge Fenske fan but I don't see them releasing him (unless there is a better option out there that the Pats can grab). In all honesty I can see him wearing a letter on his sweater yet again. Hak barely participated in training camp as he was out of town (I believe it was a wedding) and basically missed most of the early camp so he's probably just getting up to speed. Sinitsyn showed that he has some skill and a wicked shot but I'm worried that he'll turn out to be another Jan Zapletal (probably one of the best players at camp in 2004.... terrible during the season). I really hope not.

In all honesty, as much as I think Chase Harrison is going to be a dynamic player for the Pats.... I think de might be the odd player out on the defence....