What we Traded:
Axel Blomqvist
13 pts in 19 games, -10 with the Canes
20 pts in 18 games, +13 with the Royals
Obviously this was some sort of Coaching issue in Lethbridge as Axel has been a point per game player in Victoria and some pretty decent +/- numbers(although he still seemed to be a wandering mess when he was here in Lethbridge playing for Victoria).

Ryan Pilon
7 pts in 17 games, -7 with the Canes
5 pts in 18 games, -2 with the Wheat Kings
Stats dont show it, but I know more then a couple folks have said Pilon has played well in Brandon. I dont think it was so much he did not play well here, it was that he had lost a step from last year and obviously the motivation was not there knowing he wanted out.

Sam McKechnie
3 pts in 9 games, -9 with the Canes
4 pts in 26 games, -3 with the T-Birds
Obviously wasnt as good as he thought he was. Think he has been playing mostly 3rd line checking type minutes in Seattle, goes to show that probably just about any player can get 40-50 pts in the Dub playing 1st/2nd line minutes on a bad team.

Jaimen Yakubowski
1 pt in 11 games, -5 with the Canes
5 pts in 18 games, -2 with the T-Birds
Averaging almost 5 minutes of PIMS a night in Seattle. Same comment as McKechnie.

Adam Henry
1 pt in 6 games, -5 with the Canes
21 pts in 33 games, -12 with the T-Birds
Decent point production with Seattle, but his +/- isnt so hot considering the other stats, and playing on a decent team.

Christopher Tai
8GP, 5.38 GAA, .848SV% 1-2 record with the Canes
1GP, 4.06 GAA, .800SV% 0-0 record with Brandon
1GP, 20.40GAA, .714SV% 0-0 record with Med Hat
Career 22GP, 4.54SV%, ,867SV% 5-6 Record
Think the stats say it all here..

Just some interesting 0.02 ramblings..