I suppose it is probably time we move on to the upcoming season. Who do we see playing this season aside from the two new Euros and the new goaltender? I heard Erkamps will be traded and Walters has a tryout with Columbus. Here is where they sit right now.

Tyler Wong
Giorgio Estephan
Taylor Cooper
Michel Holub
Reid Duke
Jamal Watson
Steven Alldridge
Riley Sheen (20)
Carter Amson
Reid Nemeth
Carter Folk
Jaeger White
Nikita Milekhin
Pavel Skumatov

Griffin Foulk
Nick Walters (20)
Tyler Bell (20)
Macoy Erkamps (?)
Bryton Sayers
Lenny Hackman
Kade Jensen

Justin Myles
Teagan Sacher
Jonny Hogue
Stuart Skinner