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Thread: 2 home games (PA & RD)

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    Game Day Pats Games-Fan-Market Population!

    Overview of Regina Pats Fan Base:

    Regina Population- 220,000
    1/2 Hour Population-15,000 Projected
    1 Hour Population-50,000 Projected

    Brand Centre Capacity- 6136

    Game 1- 4783 Fans vs Brandon 78% Capacity
    Game 2- 3752 Fans vs PA 61% Capacity
    Game 3- 3156 Fans vs Red Der 51% Capacity

    Someone really needs to look at some branding and marketing and go watch some college hockey at UND or Minnesota!

    There is no reason not to fill up the BRANDT Centre with the population associated with the Regina Pats.

    Give the players and staff each 20 tickets each to give away to kids/families/friends ONLY 500 extra in attendance.
    Quick math on income generated:
    $10 each- $5,000 income per game
    $20 each-$10,000 income per game
    $25 each-$12,500 income per game

    Not sure who gets concession funds or percentages but just 1 concept and other initiatives need to be addressed.

    Why not blanket the local schools give away tickets to youth who will bring or convince mom and dads or grand parents to games!

    What if we had 5800-6000 fans per game?

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    I like a lot of aspects of our team. We have Sam Steel and well we have Sam Steel. Unfortunately we have nothing that comes close to his abilities. It concerns me that we may end up in the Eberle syndrome. I hope not. We need to be a little less cute in our game.

    I think most Pats fans agree that we need to stiffen up our lineup. The players we currently have doesn't necessarily translate into success. There will need to be an evolving process take place. We need to find the right mix for this team if we want fans to buy in.

    There are a lot of concerns on attendance which dates back a while. Firstly we have to win consistently (championships that is) and become a perennial contender like other squads. 6pm games are horrid since it interferes directly with supper. Families don't like it.

    There are a lot of gimmicks out there and I have no idea which might work. I think attendance issues are a problem throughout the league, especially the less successful teams. Right now we have parking issues, game time issues, poor sound systems, etc. Right now the experience doesn't wow a person much. Same music for like seven years. At least they got rid of the blow-up dog. Maybe a mini-laser light show or whatever after a Pats goal. I think a Memorial Cup run would do it too!

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    Default Attendance?

    Last year the people on this site were blaming the poor ticket sales on the ownership of the Pats, it is obviously a deeper problem than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quarter Century Fan View Post
    Last year the people on this site were blaming the poor ticket sales on the ownership of the Pats, it is obviously a deeper problem than that.
    The ownership was a nice change for some, but it doesn't change anything for a non-fan or a fan who has been checked out for a long time. Those people will need time.

    A good on-ice product will help bring in some people, but it will take being fan friendly and accessible to bring in the rest.

    I also don't want to tell too many tales, but there are a few sections in the Brandt Centre which are full of crotchety, grumpy, know-it-all types who are really annoying to the more casual fan (ie: don't tell adults that their excitement during certain plays is misinformed). I switched from season tickets to a flex pack to avoid these types because my section was full of them. I guess that is not the team's problem but most people want to be around happy and fun people...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooter View Post
    The coaching staff know the concerns on the backend as they are watching it and look for a deal to be in the works. Green would have been perfect fit size wise but is he 20? or 19? Maybe we need to deal with MJ as Paddock and Hunter have to be old friends on the ice!
    Green will make the team softer. Big guy, not an ounce of toughness. He's 19 and lost out to a 16 year old and two 17 year olds who are either more skilled (Clague) or tougher (Matsuba) or both (Taraschuk)
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    It's not always about a big D man you could go with a strong power forward that's not shy when the time is right

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    There will be some gritty guys available in due course, but numbers and circumstances play a role for the Pats. Unless they can engineer a good old fashioned hockey trade, I don't see them using draft picks. We are already far too short in the next two drafts.

    Bell and Cooke appear to be headed for release but they are both 20 years olds and we currently have our compliment. Bell could be a help but barring anything unforeseen that won't happen. D"Amico has played well so far and deserves to stay.

    Lethbridge have a few 18 and 19 year olds we could use, however we need to find room for this type of player. Carter Folk would be a good addition but we would likely have to give up a draft pick and we simply can't give anymore away.

    We haven't paid for Leier, Schacher, or Padakin yet.

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