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Thread: Gay to Red Deer? - Done Deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by patsdude114 View Post
    I think Kootaney will be in talks with PA with 1 of those 19yr old Dmen they got. Maybe even Lange as a 20yr old would be considered by the Ice since they lost Tanner Faith for the rest of the year just the other day. Kootenay always seems to be a team that trades during the final hours of trade deadline though.

    Sadly I don't get to go to the Pats game tonight need to finish up this damn snow hauling. I love snow as it brings money but damn it I hate it when I got to miss Pats games for work
    I agree with that. I suspect there could be quite a few more moves before the deadline. Kootenay will go after something yet. I think Brandon may have another deal in them as well.

    The local question is…..wait for it…..will we do anything more? We have the need for another forward for sure. We have some assets sitting on our protected list that should be of some interest. I don't know why but think John might do one more deal. Just a hunch!

    Does Adam Berg exist? LOL……… With his rating and the fact we have him signed I would have thought he would be here by now. We are short a forward right now and a Jr A prospect might be in order. Unless of course Paddock is looking to do a deal for another forward…with options they have I'm a bit confused why they would go shorthanded. Oh well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by witness View Post
    Have only talked to him about Patrick. He thinks that Patrick is going to be one of those players (like a Getzlaf sp??) that will be a better pro than a WHL player.
    Thanks. He's already a heck of a WHL player so that's a high bar your buddy is setting for Patricks NHL career!
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    Good post shooter I've experienced some of those problems in the last year and you put it all into perspective. Pats dude I have a few good sources and some things happened that I can't mention on hear but after the season is over if you want to meet up I'll explain (off the record of course).

    My buddy was part of the deal maker for the clock and he says it's the second best one in North America.

    I think I'll pass on swapping weenies with you guys lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witness View Post

    Klimchuck, Burroughs and Hunt went to teams with a legitimate shot this year. Gay went to a team that will play in the Memorial Cup next year. Reagan went to a team that he will get a fresh start. I think that Paddock has done a service to these players.
    No question Paddock has done a service to these guys, maybe he could have received just a little bit more back but he didn't because he wanted guys who put in their time here to be happy and go to decent teams although he obviously still thinks they are good deals for this team as do I. Reagan maybe the short straw, but now he can try to prove himself because otherwise he may be a guy that wasn't going to be back in this league next year. So good for Paddock for ensuring Klimchuk, Hunt and Gayare going to contenders this year and next and for getting Reagan to a team where he can be a regular in the lineup. Very respectful moves if you ask me.

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    It's hard to hate the Pats now they have a good guy like Paddock in charge
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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