I need to create a new thread that chronicals the 'best of' transaction lineage of the Hurricanes.
Start with a high second round pick being used on Leverton who is traded for Meyer who leaves team and is no longer in the WHL.
Follow that up with developing Hackman for 2.5 years and giving up on him for a 12th rounder.
Then use the third overall import pick in a player that lasts 3 months before he is released.
Then trade Henry for Foulk and a year later release Foulk outright meanwhile Henry fetches a 2nd rounder for Saskatoon.
Then turn a second rounder into Olynek who doesn't produce and then trade Olynek for Walkertime who can't score a goal to save his life.
Then use a second rounder on Plotnikoff who doesn't play a game for the team.
Then trade Braes for a first rounder and use that first rounder on a head case name Lenchyshyn who never plays a game for the Canes.
Then use a 5th overall on Duke who they then fail at developing and then trade Duke for three players that don't belong in the dub.
I could go on and on.....any wonder that they don't have any pieces left to build around. This is HOF awful stuff the past 6 years.