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Thread: P.A./Saskatoon/Spokane/

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    Thanks as well Kevin I seen it on Facebook earlier today as well (I think it was Facebook amyways) but either way I couldn't watch the game tonight as snow calls
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    The MH game was very entertaining and like the last four games the Pats got a point because of Wapple. It was a slow 1st period again that hurt us. Langhammer wasn't good and had we been ready to play we could have been up 3-0 after one period.

    In the last three home games we haven't played well in the 1st period. In fact the only good period IMO was the third against Saskatoon. Last night we got what we deserved but we could have stolen a "W" except for a few weak plays. Still happy with a point.

    We need to get healthy down the stretch so that some chemistry can be built. We also have to keep searching for that 60 minute game, because it's been eluding us for a while now. Without too much veteran depth we really need Brooks and Cooper back.

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    Yes . If they could play the whole game like they did in the first five minutes of the third they would be a team that would be hard to beat . Those old rinks with the player boxes on different sides of the ice make for a long line change hard for the visiting teams . In MOP .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighat View Post
    You should save your $6 Scott and buy shaw tv. Shooter I wasn't going to buy tickets this year and at the last minute decided too and wished I didn't. I've had my tickets for 26 years and it's hard to let them go but I found myself missing more and more games. I like what the owners are trying and when they build the new rink that will be an experience. I guess we will see what they do in the off season to help the 19-20 yr situation. Also if the ticket prices go up. This team goes as far as wappel takes them.
    Can you transfer your tickets to me?.. I'm serious.

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