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Thread: To sell or not to sell. That is the question.

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    I would more than likely return is private ownership took over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCat20 View Post
    Pretty obvious that local owners would be preferred. They rely on the community to be successful. Blades managing partner lives in Saskatoon during the season but I'm pretty sure he's back in Edmonton/lake home during the summer.

    Does the community as a majority, going to vote for selling? How many legit parties interested in owning?
    The voters are NOT the community. The voters who will determine are shareholders only. Envision a registered company.

    I have received the notice, the proxy form, however, I am uncertain if the Canes even know what they are doing as I have received one correction on the date of return for proxies being wrong and two others where the original motions for this special meeting have been changed. Wondering whether they don't know what they or doing or is it an attempt to insert so much confusion that the shareholders toss their hands in the air and give up. As to the number of local owners I would suggest that there would be not too many, if any, that would like a million dollar write off/year in business losses. They didn't get where they are by losing money. You need a real big boy (billionaire) type that would afford that kind of damage,then you would probably have an ego that would pick up the ball and go home at the first sign of trouble. Billionaires have their limits too. Reality!!!! We are slowly getting past the emotion and down to the dollar bill.

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