WHLFans Game Predictions are back!

First the rules:

1 point for correctly prediciting a winner
0 points for predicting wrong.

Winner is in regulation, overtime or shoot-out.

If by chance you post picks twice for the same game day, I will use your FIRST set of picks to calculate your score.

Predictions made after a game has started will be null. Please be sure to get your picks in early. I will only count games that have not started into your total for that day.

Mistakes can be made. So please check your totals when I post them and alert me (via PM) to any mistakes and I will fix them asap.

Daily totals will be posted at the end of each game day thread.

Once a winner has been declared, it will be too late, so check often.

Game Day threads will be posted 3-4 days prior to the start of those games, please look to see if one is already started BEFORE starting a new one.

How scoring works:

Player A: 90/150 - 90 points (60%)
Player B: 60/100 - 60 Points (60%)
Player C: 6/10 - 6 points (60%)

Even though all 3 players have the same %, Player A would be the winner with 90 points.
In the case of a tie, the person with the highest percentage will be declared the winner.

Player A 90/150 = 90 points 60%
Player B 90/120 = 90 Points 75%
Player C 90/100 = 90 Points 90%

Player C would win in this case with the higher %

This is done with the simple idea of the more you play and participate the better chance you have winning.

Simple enough?

Good luck to all!