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    Pats dude you obvious have not been watching games. If you think Sam is the super star your not watching either. Anyways everyone is entitled to their opinions. You always say he has no one to play with and I'm sick if this remark. Tell Paddock your coaching and making lineup! Super stars carry the load and make other player they play with better!

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    Please for the love of god show me where i ever said Steel is a super star? There's a huge difference between a superstar and a star player.
    I think you need to learn to follow along with reading before you can comment towards hockey.... Sure Steel is considered a star player especially on our team, as he is the only player who generates any type of scoring chances consistently even for himself or his line mates. Sure he coughs the puck up at times but what star player doesnt when they control the puck as much as he does
    these are my opinions like them or hate them I really don't care

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    It's just hockey another 4 points and back to back.
    Relax Patsdude as you were stressed with Pats and ticket prices!
    Did you renew your tickets?

    I know it's hard as your flames are struggling but what about a jersey night at Pats game? That would be neat to see 4590 hockey jerseys!

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