Both Smekhnov and Usov were selected in the 2017 USHL draft, back in May. Recall that the USHL is equivalent to our SJHL...NCAA eligibility is maintained if you play there.

Having a USHL gig, and their College commitment for 2020/21, ensure that they get to stay in the US until at least 2026, as they are landed emigrants and need to be either employed or going to school. Both are old enough to be eligible to play in the USHL this fall.

Smekhnov was drafted in the 2nd round by the Youngstown Phantoms of the USHL (their first pick in this year's draft) and recently spent a week getting to know the franchise. Usov was drafted in the 4th round by the Bloomington Thunder of the USHL. Presumably he went to their rookie camp but there is no mention of who attended.

...but, being drafted to different teams means playing 1000 kms away from each other instead of on the same line with each other.

Of course, they could continue to play together this fall...for the Raiders.

If not, there is always the NHL option (assuming we keep their rights until the 2019/20 season). Both are NHL draft eligible in the summer of 2019. If they are drafted and opt NOT to go to college, their NHL team could decide to assign them to play at the highest level possible, aka the CHL, for two seasons until they can go to the AHL as 20yos, similar to Hunter Warner.