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Thread: Raiders updated prospect stats

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    Default Smekhnov and Usov will not play together if they want to play Junior in the US

    Both Smekhnov and Usov were selected in the 2017 USHL draft, back in May. Recall that the USHL is equivalent to our SJHL...NCAA eligibility is maintained if you play there.

    Having a USHL gig, and their College commitment for 2020/21, ensure that they get to stay in the US until at least 2026, as they are landed emigrants and need to be either employed or going to school. Both are old enough to be eligible to play in the USHL this fall.

    Smekhnov was drafted in the 2nd round by the Youngstown Phantoms of the USHL (their first pick in this year's draft) and recently spent a week getting to know the franchise. Usov was drafted in the 4th round by the Bloomington Thunder of the USHL. Presumably he went to their rookie camp but there is no mention of who attended.

    ...but, being drafted to different teams means playing 1000 kms away from each other instead of on the same line with each other.

    Of course, they could continue to play together this fall...for the Raiders.

    If not, there is always the NHL option (assuming we keep their rights until the 2019/20 season). Both are NHL draft eligible in the summer of 2019. If they are drafted and opt NOT to go to college, their NHL team could decide to assign them to play at the highest level possible, aka the CHL, for two seasons until they can go to the AHL as 20yos, similar to Hunter Warner.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wapitikev View Post
    A member of the forum PM-ed me and suggested that the list be modified to the following:

    Lastname (Age) Gm Pts PIM Team League Notes
    *Krivokrasov(17) 22 32 32 RM Roughriders Team Leading scorer, 7th in league, Late Birthday
    *Nachbauer(17) 55 31 52 OCN Blizzard MJHL 6'2" 205lb League Leading scorer for 16yos (2000 birth year)
    Clegg(17) 32 31 50 St. Albert Raiders AMHL tied for league lead in goals
    *Pearce(16) 40 24 22 Pat Canadians SMHL
    Marleau(16) 33 19 14 Trojans SMHL
    Bulych(16) 43 22 56 Maulers SMHL
    Couture(16) 16 2 8 Legionnaires SMHL
    Fleming(16) 29 12 46 Yale Elite15s
    Lamotte(16) 44 39 84 Mintos SMHL
    Olson(16) 30 28 16 Buffaloes AMHL
    Rawlyk(16) 29 9 36 OHA Elite 15s
    *Saleski(15) 30 85 38 Stallions SBAA 2nd in league scoring, league lead (tied) with 5 SHG
    *Wiesblatt(15) 32 73 30 Bisons AMBHL League lead in Pts/GM, league lead Goals.
    Brook(15) 27 32 36 Rink CHSSHL 6' 2" 154lbs 39th in league Goals, Legacy
    Herman(15) 27 37 20 Rink 5' 8" 134lbs 56th league scoring
    Griffin(15) 30 68 54 Monarchs SBAA league lead Goals (50)
    Strand(15) 5Gms 18Pts Rick LaPointe Tournament December 2016 scoring leader, 5Gms 17Pts NAHL Future Prospects Tournament in October 2016 scoring leader
    Scriven(15) 23 12 51 Notre Dame CHSSL 5' 11" 190lbs born in PA

    Lastname (age) Gm Pts PIM Team League Notes
    *Thompson(18) 48 11 22 6'3" 185lb Portage Terriers MJHL
    *Kirk(17) 50 15 39 Swan Valley MJHL 2nd in league scoring by 16yo (2000) D-men
    *Lowe(17) 32 17 78 6'2" 190lb Northstars AMHL Team leader in D-man points and PIMS
    Felgueiras(17) 35 15 30 6'2" 161lb Northstars AMHL 2nd on Team (behind Lowe) in D-man points and PIMS
    *Rhinehart(16) 29 30 79 6'2" 187lb Yale Hockey Academy NB Late Birthday
    *Herrold(16) 43 11 26 Pat Canadians SMHL
    *Guhle(15) 30 40 42 OHA Edmonton CSSHL 6'1" 174lbs League Leader Defensemen goals, 2nd League D-men scoring
    Clark(15) 27 14 42 POE CSSHL 5'10" 172lbs
    Skinner(15) 28 17 32 Outlaws SBAA 6'0" 178lbs

    Lastname (age) Gm GAA Sv% Team League Notes
    *Meger(19) 22 3.18 0.905 Bruins SMHL (backed up Alalouf 29gms)
    *Balas(16) 22 2.54 0.934 AMMHL 1 2.79 0.915 AMHL
    Ben Fritsinger(16) 24 2.85 0.920 Andover MN USHS
    Proctor-Ramirez(15) 15 2.57 0.920 Yale CSSBHL (CSSBHL Top Goaltender award 2016/17)

    *Signed to WHL contract

    NCAA Committed
    Long(19) 43 15 37 Chicago Steel USHL NCAA committed 2017-18 Colorado
    Hain(17) 24 48 32 Grand Rapids USHS NCAA committed 2018-19 North Dakota
    Shmeknov(16) 21 51 46 Colorado Evolution u15 verbally NCAA committed 2020/21 Connecticut
    Usov(16) 21 60 20 Colorado Evolution u15 verbally NCAA committed 2020/21 Connecticut

    ...deleted Laidlaw(G) and Astrouski(F). Added Ramirez(G).

    Lance Aim - Goalie (NB)AAA
    Domink Bokk
    Devon Skoleski
    Brock Sottile

    Brett Yoon


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    Didn't we have to drop Stransky's rights to draft Bokk?

    ...or can we have 3 euros on the list?


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    There is 3 on the list for now

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    Anyone else notice Quinn Olson has 17 points in AJHL this year ? Is he signed ?

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    he isnt signed and hes great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sttop View Post
    he isnt signed and hes great
    Well we should get on this asap or college will scoop him . I think he was at camp this year.

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    There is a couple kids that were not ready to sign yet last year. But yes the Raiders will not be his only option now.

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    Had a look- second leading scorer (points) on the team as a 16 year old - on a team first place in their division. Looks to me like a good call up if we need one.

    On another note- anyone know that status of Luc Marleau? I see he is sitting at zero games played this season.

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    Olson would have been on the top 9 if he wanted to play this year. Marleau has been hurt. Should play after christmas

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