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Thread: Giants Defense

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    Hmm I don't see anything about menell quitting or leaving?

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    First off, I don't know where you are getting your information from because Menell is in the lineup today & has not quit the team for a second time.

    Secondly, Atwal had some off ice issues & is not good enough a player to carry as a 20 yr old. Thrower was another player who had some disciplinary problems & was on his last chance. The fact that Bonner was able to get as much as he did for a player who wouldn't have returned next season was surprising & a steal. I have nothing against Thrower or Atwal but neither are good enough to warrant a spot as 20 yr olds. I don't recall a defenseman who turned the puck over more in his own zone than Thrower. These guys are kids & mistakes will happen but it happened way too often & his while his physical presence will be missed, his lack of physical play was one of the reasons he's gone.

    Brown is only 18, so the Giants not only get younger, they also get some picks. This deal is an absolute steal for the team. I don't think Brown has looked that bad, but he's just joined the team, give the kid a chance.

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    Mennell quit on his team leaving the bench in the 3rd after telling the coach he was done. Thats a fact. If he is in the lineup today I'm sure they had to coddle the quitter so he would stay. If the coaching staff did this then they have probably lost the respect of all the players who stayed and finished the game despite being beaten badly. The players already had very little respect for Mennell after he quit the first time and now I think have none. Management coaches whoever is making decisions should get rid of this baby. Once a quitter always a quitter

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    I'm sure if menell did this he would not be playing.

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    As far as Atwal goes apparently he's a good enough 20 to play on one of the top teams in the whl. Wouldn't be the first time the Giants misjudged a players value.

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    So you were sitting behind the bench & heard what was said?

    As for Atwal, he's not the reason Lethbridge is one of the top teams in the WHL. I don't want players here who are bad influences on the rest of the team. The Giants haven't misjudged him, they moved him because of his constant off ice behavior.

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    The coaches dicipline for Mennell's quitting in the 3rd yesterday appears to be sitting him so far in today's game. Only time I saw him on the ice was against the Vic PP where he looked very disinterested and Vic scored twice. Once a quitter always a quitter

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    Well Menell played a lot today, hit the post & scored the only goal of the weekend series. It would have been a different story if the Giants didn't have 6 regulars out of the lineup & maybe 7 depending on how Odgers is by Friday.

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    IF Menell quit a second time, he has to go. No other decision to be made about it.

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    What a perfect example of just how dysfunctional this team has become - players quitting and coming back only to quit again and then be accepted back as if nothing happened. It's a gong show. So glad I got out of this mess when I did.

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