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Thread: is this site dead

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    Default is this site dead

    I think with the amount of traffic on here you can stick a fork in it . its done lol hasnt been the same since it went off line

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    It is a shame. I know most of the Brandon guys moved over to a different forum, but there really isn't anyone from the rest of the league there. I liked this one, but like you said it's been a ghost town since it got hacked.

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    I am going to put every effort into getting the site up and going strong again. But I will need help guys and girls reading this. Any information you have to pass on or articles u can write would be greatly appreciated. I will be contacting all Mods and Admin to begin posting on a regular basis again. Also if there are any new posters who are interested mod positions may open up here . Thanks for any help and please post away !

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    There seems to be activity on some teams, pretty dead on others.
    As a Raider fan I can say our team thread is pretty slow but not dead. I will be doing my best to keep it busy.

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