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    The Pats should actually be picking 31st I believe. WHL gets first pick this year and the Pats were 11th from the bottom of the standings. I agree though, wouldn't be surprised if they pass on their second pick, unless they take a chance on a higher end guy who is a longer shot to come over. Wouldn't hate if they took someone who gets drafted this year even. I think Petr Kalus was the last drafted guy the Pats took that actually came and played here, and he was a treat to watch. Pretty sure Pats got him with a top 10 pick though(after checking, Pats picked Kalus 3rd, so not sure what kind of talent they can land with 31st pick. Whatever happens, I just hope they get someone worth keeping around.

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    It's awful tough to get an impact guy at 31 but some CHL teams have done pretty well with later picks. The Pats can perhaps find an overlooked guy or even an older guy playing on of the Tier 2 European leagues. While taking the best athlete regardless of position is usually the mantra, I would like to see if they could land a serious sniper. A lot of teams that have done well have had a serious Import presence like Brandon and Provorov as an example. If you can luck out and find a real player, your team depth goes up immediately.

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    It really doesnt matter where you pick in the Import Draft it comes down to which agents your GM has good ties with, and even then its still a crap shoot. The Import Draft IMO needs an overhaul to me all players who are wanting to come to Canada to play should be signing some type of a contract with the CHL itself and only these players get put into the Import Draft, it should state that it doesnt matter what team drafts them that they will come regardless.

    Hopefully Paddock is on a few agents good side lately and they can help him pluck a quality euro to come play in his fast pace style of hockey. One would think Paddock's quick transition game would be very appealing to alot of euro players.
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