Think the schedule is very good for the Pats this season: Things to note
It all starts with a home and home with PA Sept 23 and 24. And ends with another against Brandon on March 17 and 18
There are three other home and home during the season. One Brandon Dec 27 / 28 and Two Moose Jaw Dec 16 / 17 and Mar 10 / 11
the Pats last games at Christmas are the home and home with MJ and the first after are the home and home with Brandon
From season start to Christmas Pats have 16 home and 15 road games After Christmas 20 home and 21 road games
To start the season the first 15 games are 11 home and 4 road. That could be key to set a winning attitude for the season
To end the season the last 15 games are 9 home and 6 road. That could determine your position and set a confident swagger leading into the play offs
Over the course of the season the Pats have eight 5 or 6 day breaks which should help with the fatigue and injury factor