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    Anyone going to the games in Everett, Kelowna or Victoria? I went to all the preseason games last season, home & road, in Kelowna & Victoria. It was the first time I've been to those arenas.

    I was a bit surprised that they are playing a preseason game in Langley as I thought the home opener would have been the first game.

    It's nice to see that they are enlarging the parking lot.

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    Default Giants Preseason games

    Planning on attending the annual pre-season tournament in Everett. This will be the first time the Giants have participated in about ten years. We go to the pre-season tournament in Everett every year because we like to get a look at the U.S. Division competition as well as Victoria since they started participating. We usually don't attend the pre-season games in Victoria, Kelowna or Kamloops.

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    I don't think it's quite 10 years - closer to 5 or 6 I would say - but it's nice to see them back there -- only 2 games for the boys ( I think Victoria is taking one which would have been ours) -- planning on going down Friday for a couple of days.

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