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    I was just at the EnMax watching some of the Canes Camp. My first impression every year is man can those kids can skate. The speed of the game these days is crazy. Felt good to be in the rink and watching some hockey. The Canes Training Camp list has 63 players on it. From what I can tell, there are 18 veterans (played at least 12 games in the WHL) in camp, but only 1 veteran goaltender, that of course being Stuart Skinner. Having Skinner as your only veteran goalkeeper is as good as it gets though.There are 6 other goalies with varying pedigrees in camp. I would think the Canes will start the season with 1 of them as the backup, but if need be, I can see Anholt trading for a veteran backup in a heartbeat.

    Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things, but to simplify the upcoming season, the Canes will go as far as Skinner can take them, and that could be all the way. That is by no means and indictment about the quality of the rest of the team. The Canes could well have the best forward line in the WHL, if not the entire CHL. Estephan, Wong and Burke could tear up the league scoring wise. The 2nd line could also be a fantastic unit, say with Babenko, Lindgren and Bellerive.

    That leaves us with the Defense. The Canes D is the biggest question mark going into this season for sure. That is not to say they can't be great as 5 of them have at least 1 full year under their belt. If Addison comes as advertised, that could be a really good top six. Will it be? We have to wait and see.

    One thing I will say is that this is the year the Canes need to go for broke. I can see them winning the Eastern Conference with very few changes. To win the Memorial Cup, which has to be this teams goal, they may need to pull the plug on a blockbuster. Provorov for Addison and a pick?

    This is going to be one of the most entertaining seasons the Canes fans have ever seen!
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