The Bronco's have released their 2016/17 line up. As of this afternoon they are carrying 15 forwards, 8 defence and 2 goalies. With four players gone to pro camps, there will be more cuts i'm sure when they return. With 19 players that could return from last years team, they somehow made room or trying to for 8 rookies. Some of these rookies did get called up for minimal games last year. Like I said there will be changes once the four are returned from pro camps unless Manny decides to keep them all for the experience. The rookies that have stayed are:


Riley Stotts 6' 175 lb C
Josh Baker 6' 193 lb RW
Cole Johnson 5'11" 202 lb LW
Alexsi Heponiemi 5'11" 141 lb C
Own Blocker 6'1" 191 lb C


Dom Schmiemann 6'4" 190 lb
Noah King 6'3" 186 lb
Matthew Stanley 6' 180 lb

One thing that surprised me is goaltending. They only have two listed and both vet's in Burman and Childs. I'm sure one of the rookies tenders is on stand by if one of them is traded. Both could be first string goalies in the league.