Last week, we ran the OHL poll, today, it’s the Western League’s turn. We went to all 22 WHL teams and asked 16 questions ranging from best bet to win the scoring title to MasterCard Memorial Cup favourite.

Not surprisingly, Nolan Patrick leads the way, topping three categories. But after him, there’s not much consensus.

Here is your 2016–17 pre-season WHL coaches poll:

Who will win the WHL scoring title? Votes

Adam Brooks (REG) 10
Nolan Patrick (BDN) 6
Soy (VIC), Barzal (SEA), Steel (REG), Gabriel (PG), Wong (LET), Yamamoto (SPO) 1

Who has the best hands? Votes

Mathew Barzal (SEA) 10
Matthew Phillips (VIC) 3
Sam Steel (REG) 2
Burke (LET), Patrick (BDN), Popuagev (MJ), Stransky (PA), Bean (CGY), Dube (KEL), Morrison (PG) 1

Who is the most underrated player? Votes

Tyler Soy (VIC) 8
Tyler Wong (LET) 2
12 others tied 1

Who is the best pure sniper? Votes

Reid Gardiner (PA) 6
Nolan Patrick (BDN) 5
Tyler Soy (VIC) 3
Tyler Wong (LET) 2
Jesse Gabrielle (PG) 2
Hawryluk (BDN), Hannoun (VIC), Walker (VIC), Phillips (VIC) 1
Nolan Patrick; Brandon Wheat Kings; CHL; WHL; 2017 NHL Draft
Nolan Patrick of the Brandon Wheat Kings is the early favourite to go No. 1 in the 2017 NHL Draft, and topped three big categories in our poll.

Who will be the WHL's top NHL Draft prospect? Votes

Nolan Patrick (BDN) 22

Who is the best overall player? Votes

Nolan Patrick (BDN) 12
Mathew Barzal (SEA) 5
Bean (CGY), Provorov (BDN), Brooks (REG), Steel (REG), Howden (MJ) 1

Who is the best forward? Votes

Nolan Patrick (BDN) 11
Mathew Barzal (SEA) 7
Adam Brooks (REG) 2
Wong (LET), Soy (VIC) 1

Who is the top playmaker? Votes

Mathew Barzal (SEA) 8
Brayden Burke (LET) 5
Adam Brooks (REG) 5
Dube (KEL), Patrick (BDN), Merkley (KEL), Harkins (PG) 1

Who is the best defenceman? Votes

Jake Bean (CGY) 10
Ivan Provorov (BDN) 4
Caleb Jones (POR) 3
Johansen (KEL), Guhle (PA), Bear (SEA), Wotherspoon (TC), Juulsen (EVT) 1

Who is the best goalie? Votes

Connor Ingram (KAM) 14
Carter Hart (EVT) 4
Stuart Skinner (LET) 2
Sawchenko (MJ), Kehler (POR) 1

Who will be the best overage player? Votes
Adam Brooks (REG) 9
Tyler Wong (LET) 8
Jack Walker (VIC) 2
Shirley (KAM), Sozanski (MJ), Gardiner (PA) 1

Who is the hardest hitter? Votes

Ryan Gagnon (VIC) 4
Joe Gatenby (KAM) 2
Sam Ruopp (PG) 2
14 tied at 1

Which team is favoured to win the Ed Chynoweth Cup? Votes

Regina 14
Victoria 4
Red Deer, Brandon, Kelowna, Lethbridge 1

Which team will surprise most? Votes

Kamloops 6
Swift Current 3
Spokane 3
Tri-City 2
Regina, Kootenay, Victoria, Calgary, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, Portland, Edmonton 1

What is the hardest road arena to play in? Votes

Brandon 7
Seattle 5
Everett 3
Prince Albert 2
Kelowna 2
Victoria 2
Calgary 1

Which team (except your own and Windsor) is the Memorial Cup favourite? Votes

Regina 10
London 6
Victoria 4
Mississauga, Saint John 1