The Broncos are far surpassing I'm sure the majority of fans expectation this season so far. The hockey has been entertaining and most importantly has been refreshing from a fans perspective. With that said I have the possibly unpopular opinion of the direction the club should take.

I've heard a handful of fans pining to bring in 2 more 20's and really compete this year. As nice as a strong playoff run would be it would be short sighted in my opinion. As we stand, the club will make the postseason and likely are good enough to get 3 home games (3 games of revenue too). Trading for players will come from what many people in and out of the organization call a tremendous strength in our 15 & 16 yr old age group.

Instead of taking from that group, I'd like them to build on it (and potentially this year's bantam class) even more. With Pederson and Lajoie signed and Gawdin possibly next, I'd like to see Manny and Jamie move them put at the deadline. I'm sure those three (along with maybe Jensen or Miller) would create a lot of conversation throughout the league.

We have guys like Barlage, Alexander, Stotts, Blocker, Martini, Bernard-Docker, Renwick, Dyck, Hofer, Hornung, etc that either can or will be players in this league. Why not increase the odds of success in that age group and add to it.

In years past the Broncos have went status quo in the name of experience and not cheating the remaining players (probably money too). However recent history shows the success this approach can bring (Regina). No clue if this is an option being discussed internally but I certainly hope it is.