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    Default Please Understand What Others Went Through For Years
    Hello...all of you may remember me..I cancelled out last season after 9 years of holding 3 seats in Section V at the great old PNE. I really enjoyed my first 3-4 years where I never missed a game which included a MCUP. During my remaining 5 years I endured 2-3 years of leaving my house in Surrey at 4:30-5 PM to drive "backed up" streets. for 3 miles to a park in ride at Highway # 1 and 160th in order to carpool with my 2 buddies who were driving from Aldergrove in order to just get to the game at 7 pm!!!. ( this was due to construction in Surrey to alleviate pressure onto # 1 highway.)
    Once that perimeter road was completed then the Port Mann Bridge building began and "further delays" were given all east of the Port Mann. We planned our drive in accordingly - 45-90 minutes in (if Canucks Game was also on) and 15 minutes back to the park and ride at 160th and #1. I/we did this for 4 years and you never heard a complaint....except when the Giants had to play in Langley during the Olympics...(that was such an inconvenience that many STH did not pick up option for those 6 games)

    I put up with dismal Giants play for the last 4-5 years and management and could no longer tolerate it. It was to painful. The best thing I did was quit as a STH. I could not give my tickets away and I left after the 2nd period on many occasions

    Now.... A NEW STORY. I'm 15 minutes from the LEC a STH with 4 OK seats ..but then "ALL" seats are excellent compared to the PNE. There is not a bad seat in the house AFAIAC.! "as far as i am concerned" Tickets are more..Parking is free. Learn how to leave and park.. Turn right and turn right out of the parking lot. Get it? turn right.

    Is the Product any better? I mean Giants? If you asked me after the first few games I would have told you to run...we are in deep "S..T" Then a few of the vets came back and they went on a road trip and won a few games and the boys confidence started to rise. Now we are a 500 Hockey Club who is starting to learn the NEW coaches system. We are on the up swing and the 2016/17 Giants are a very young team.. I'm not really gung ho. There is a new style of hockey being played. "YOUNG GUNS" No hitting..wide open hockey.. Yet quite entertaining.. WE HAVE AN EXCELLENT GOAL TENDER IN KUBIC!

    If you want to be a loyal Giants Fan...don't let a toll on a bridge stop you. Don't let an hour long drive out stop you. Things will get better. Also as the title says
    "Please Understand What Others Went Through"
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