I suppose this is all he was worth - I hope the Gs are interested in dealing other significant players to start a true rebuild and not this half-*ssed bullsh*t we've seen for over 8 years now - Yet again the team goes on a mini-run before the trade-deadline and they think they are "playoff bound" - I was hoping that Hanlon would have a better idea of what the reality of this franchise actually was, but he is being hampered behind the scenes by the ubiquitous Toigo spectre who thinks we are making the playoffs every year and refuses to believe otherwise.

This team has failed to draft and develop for close to a decade now and some serious changes need to take place if they want to be better than below average - sadly we have an ownership who continues to be in denial and refuses to accept the overwhelming need for sweeping changes and a COMPLETE rebuild especially the assistant coaching staff and scouts who somehow keep their freaking jobs year after year - long time (nepotistic) management also needs the chainsaw - Ripplinger needs to be first to the chopping block - but really we need new and realistic ownership. I have not seen this level haplessness in a franchise since the woefully under-managed Winterhawks of the mid-2000s. Two steps forward - 8 steps back.


Yes I have lost all patience

The skill level of Benson should have made him a shoe-in for Team Canada, but he didn't get a sniff due to extremely poor management and lack of skill development. And you naysayers can wring your hands and gnash your teeth all you want but the REALITY is that we have had players with elite level potential who have been made mediocre by a horrific player development "brain trust" who should have been fired en-masse years ago