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Thread: 2017 Playoffs Round 2 - Swift Current

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    Default 2017 Playoffs Round 2 - Swift Current

    Lets have your predictions-I say Pats in 4

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    I will say Papirniy steals atleast one, so Pats in 5.

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    I think you have to look at their last few games rather than their overall record. They have a better team than Calgary, big defence and skate very well. They had a solid game plan on the road . They roughed up little halbgewachs, and neutralized him pretty good. They may try to do the same with someone like Henry.

    And yes they got a whole lot of powerplays. I saw the reffing in that series. good god. I sure hope these 'veteran' refs sit out the next round. That could be our downfall.

    Now, I think if brown holds the fort, our little guys get some breathing room and we shut down steenbergen, the pats can sweep. I don't see them shutting down both scoring lines and god help them if the 3rd line gets hot.

    But if it becomes a duel of offence I think it could go either way. Probably still a pat win but a run and gun faceoff is how they want it. Momentum and adrenaline are the best cures for fatigue and rust. Don't let them be the ones to set the tone.

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    The Pats should be able to win this series in 4 or 5 games, much like the Calgary series, even though I expect the Broncos to put up more of a fight. If it takes 6, the Pats are under-performing and if it goes to game 7, something went terribly wrong.

    SAJ - Are you really concerned about the Bronco's focusing in on roughing up Henry? If you were an opposition coach, as awesome as Nick Henry is, is he really the first player on the Pats that you would focus on roughing up or neutralizing? You wouldn't want to focus on Sam Steel, whom had the most points in the CHL this year? Or Adam Brooks who was one point behind Steel? Or the fastest skater in the league (Austin Wagner) or the defenseman with the most points in the WHL this year, Connor Hobbs? Not saying the Bronco's can't or won't focus on Henry, I just thought that statement was a bit odd.

    The Pats have too many weapons for the opposition to focus in on one player and I think the Pats will push back more than Moose Jaw, if need be.

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    Some players are shut down diff ways than others. What might not work on howden may work on Gregor, right?

    But it's less about the players themselves and more about the lines. Halbgewachs showed he was vulnerable to the physical part of the game. Slowing him down helped neutralize the whole line, which just like a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

    These young guys will tire faster than more battle tested players. Its just logical. A rookie like henry will likely erode before someone like Brooks, who has taken enough abuse over the years to handle it well. l also think it will take more than just that to slow a player with steels conditioning.

    I expect the pats to apply the same logic someone like heponiemi, who, compared to a bigger more durable player, is more likely to slow down after 4 games of forechecking emphasis. He will get to know wagner and hopefully ahl very well.

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    Yes, different players have different attributes and can be shut down in different ways.

    I'm not concerned about Nick Henry against Swift Current at all though. Jayden Halbegewachs and Nick Henry are two different types of players. Jayden is listed as 5'8 160, Nick Henry is listed at 6'0 190. Secondly, Jayden Halbegewachs is a "skater" and a top point producer for Moose Jaw and while Nick Henry is also a solid point producer himself, Brooks and Steel are the top producers for the Pats. Nick Henry is a fantastic passer and when he gets the puck around the net, he doesn't usually hold onto it very long. I don't think he holds onto the puck very long in general the way that players like Brooks, Steel, Halbegewachs etc.. do.

    If the Bronco's focus on shutting Brooks and Steel down, I could see them trying to do that before focusing on Henry. Steel has his wheels and Leedahl beside him. Brooks has two huge wingers and isn't afraid to push back. Most of the Pats are 6'0+ and should be able to hold their own. The only player under 6'0 tall that may have difficulties if he was "focused on" would be Wyatt Sloboshan, but he is on the third line and is not a top point producer, so I can't see the Bronco's focusing on him. The Bronco's are going to have to completely shut down the Pats' top two lines if they want to have success.

    In general, the Pats have more weapons than Swift Current, so I think the Pats will be able to overcome any strategy that the Bronco's try to deploy. The Pats just need play the way the coaches ask them to for a full 60 minutes and they'll be just fine.

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