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Thread: 2017 Playoffs Round 4 - Seattle

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    Default 2017 Playoffs Round 4 - Seattle

    With the Pats beating the Lethbridge Hurricanes in 6 games in the 3rd round, they now play the Seattle Thunderbirds in the WHL final. Many people feel that Seattle will win this series handily.

    Seattle has a great team, but Ethan Bear has a broken hand, Keegan Colesar is suspended for game 1 and 16 year old rookie goaltender (now 17) Carl Stankowski has been solid in goal for the Thunderbirds. He is good, but young and small (listed as 5'9 159lbs). Will the Pats be able to do what other teams have not been able to do and that is to exploit his inexperience, size and age at the WHL level in a 7 game series? By the end of the Series against Swift Current and Lethbridge, the Pats were able to get to larger and more experienced goaltenders in Jordan Papirny and Stuart Skinner.

    While Seattle has a great team, the Pats have some good players of their own. Sam Steel and Adam Brooks led the CHL in scoring. Connor Hobbs led the WHL in scoring by a defenseman. Austin Wagner is the fastest skater in the league and has been one of the Pats' best playoff performers. Sergey Zborovskiy is the best +/- player in the WHL and not to mention the Pats have a good supporting cast.

    I expect a competitive and exciting series between these two teams.

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    Let's see how many consecutive hours in a row this site will be up and running...

    Im predicting another slow start but without the same comeback. These american clubs are tight defensively and it wont be as easy to just turn things back on after feeling out the opposition.

    Birds in 6. Id love to be wrong.

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    Without checking all the Seattle game sheets, the Pats will probably put up a lot more shots on the young inexperienced tender than he has been facing, so he may wear down the same as Skinner and Papirny. The down side of that is Roth is the backup. If it gets to that lets hope he's rusty. I'm thinking Pats in 6 but that could be my heart talking

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    While I think the Pats will win the series, I'll keep my predictions internal but I have a feeling they will do well. I have read and heard some folks talking about how a better balanced offensive team like Brandon needed a few OT games to beat these guys last year. So how would we fare? There was some things that happened last year that weren't mentioned. Landon Bow played lights out for the T-Birds, and the hooking, holding and interference that was let go hurt Brandon. They still won in 5 games. Brandon was a deserving champion. I am fully aware that stats don't mean much especially in the playoffs but I will post some food for thought:

    Last season:

    Brandon had a .708 winning %, 316gf - 197ga with a Plus +119 (Brandon only had a 15 pt advantage on winning %)
    Seattle had a .693 winning %, 228gf - 186ga with a Plus +42

    this season:

    Regina had a .778 winning %, 353gf - 112ga with a plus +142 (The Pats have a 97 pt advatnage in winning %, nearly a 100 pts!)
    Seattle had a .681 winning %, 253gf - 206ga with a plus +47

    Seattle appears to have had a season very similar to what it had last year through good and bad. This year the Pats scored more goals and gave up fewer than Brandon did last year (maybe a surprise to some). The Pats have added a grinding game to their repertoire which they didn't have earlier. They have just come through two tight checking series so I think they are very capable of playing defence. The Pats definitely have more weapons at their disposal. I hope Brown can get over this one bad goal a game thing. Goals could be at a premium.

    The biggest thing the Pats need to do is win the first game in any way possible. Starting from behind in a 2-3-2 series is a much greater obstacle to face. This is what they have played for all season so now is the time to get it done. I'm a bit surprised in light of the facts that the Pats are being cast onto this underdog role. I'm sure it's one they relish!

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    There is a viewing party for the next 3 games at the Turvey Centre. Link above, share away to spread the word. Just saw this pop up on WHL Talk on facebook.

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    Default The John Paddock factor

    And another great player recruitment tool.

    Leedahl just signed a 3 year deal with the Rangers.

    He goes from not even being asked to a rookie camp last year to signing a full 3 year deal. Outstanding!

    Add Leedahl to the list of players that are getting pro contracts/looks, because of the success they are having under Paddock and company.

    Christoffer, Williams, Brooks, D'Amico, Wagner and to some extend Hobbs

    I am interested to see how much Mahura grows in the next year.

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    1- Great to see Leedahl sign a pro-deal. I think the combination of Paddock and Struch get a lot of credit for the development. Paddock gets the majority of credit from people, but Struch deserves it as well. I have been to a few practices this year, Struch runs the majority of practice. Obviously the coaches work well together, but Struch is very hands on at practice. I was also at a couple morning skates that the assistant coaches were helping individuals with different skills.

    2- Does anyone know of any group or individuals that would look at going to Windsor if the Pats advanced? My current intentions are to travel solo, but those costs may be expensive last minute. Last minute flights are always costly, I have considered other options......just wondering if anyone is looking at the same thing I am.

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    From experience, Id say its a healthy drive.

    Just check your vehicle over, buy premium gas, bring a GPS(and someone you can tolerate for a few days/split gas with) and go early. Much cheaper than flying and youll get to see the best part of ontario along the way too. Beats having to get a rental car or cabbing around.

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    After taking a 2-1 series lead, the Pats seemed to have mentally checked out of last nights game after Seattle scored their second goal. I don't know if the Pats were tired, but they definitely did not play with the same fight or urgency as they did in the first 3 games. Hopefully they rebound in a big way tomorrow night as it is a huge game in the series. On that note, it would be great if Adam Brooks is back in the line up. However, if he is unable to play, hopefully Paddock dresses him at the very least. The rest of the team appeared to respond favorably to him being on the bench in the Swift Current series.
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