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Thread: Off-Season Thread

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    Good run for you guys this year, from the outside it looked like the trades made hurt this years team, still seemed like a lot given away for Mahura. Next season could be really good if Wagner returns and Jost shows up, if those 2 things don't happen, it looks a little bare! And Stee has a 10% chance of sticking in the NHL, not likely, but would be devastating hey? I imagine every high Euro draft pick will want to play for a Mem cup host, and paddocks NHL connections should help get some college commits to switch to the WHL.
    How about a blockbuster deal, Patrick and Clague your way, Hollet or Paddock (GK) and a pile of picks coming Brandon's way?
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    Wagner update- Wagner is considering having a shoulder surgery that will take him out of action for 6 months. If he is out of action until December/January, that has to tip things into returning to Regina for the year.

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    That is some very big news on Wagner - wow that must be a significant injury to his shoulder! I suspect it will be something that the Los Angeles Kings and he will discuss at length. As a signed prospect they want to make sure they can maximize his speed and abilities over the long haul. In that case fixing his shoulder properly is an option they will strongly consider. After you get to the show the collisions and physicality are much greater and demanding, and shoulder injuries are common. It might be in his best interest (not just ours) to have his injury fixed. It also tells you just tough and talented this kid is and how much more a healthy Wagner could have provided.

    I have watched the OHL teams dismantle the the Seattle Thunderbirds. The healthy rested Spitfires forechecked Seattle into submission and for the most part Erie did as well. If they lose to the Sea Dogs, and I have no reason to believe they wont, then it would be two consecutive years a WHL team wouldn't even make the final game. More than a little disappointing! Seattle may have won the right to play in the memorial Cup but I for one will never believe they were the best team in the WHL. There are two or three teams who would have performed better where skill is on display.

    After watching the first two games you can see that the OHL really puts a premium on speed, especially forechecking. They have a enough size and toughness to play any style, but skill is their #1 priority. I hope Paddock is watching and taking note of what he has to build towards in order to seriously compete for a Memorial Cup. The OHL teams have enough talent but they also play an extremely focused two-way game and as aware defensively as offensively. A good blueprint.

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    I think the Pats will still have enough pieces that with the addition of the right O/A to go with Sloboshan and Brown (I think they will be two of the O/A's) and the right Euros, the Pats can be a contender again.


    Line 1: Euro/Steel/Henry
    Line 2: OA/Leschyshyn/Lockner
    Line 3: Holmes/Sloboshan/DeWitt
    Line 4: Rookie/Buziak/Rookie
    Line 5: Rookie/Rookie

    D1: Mahura/Euro
    D2: Schioler/Davidson
    D3: Smart/Bruce
    D4: Williams/ Rookie

    G1: Brown
    G2: Paddock

    I think it is a year where Paddock's hands will be tied a bit until he sees who all is coming back. Not that losing Steel is likely or that it is likely Hobbs/Wagner/Jost will be with the team, but until he knows with certainty where those 4 will play, I don't think there will be a big move for an O/A. Hollett and Muir could be valuable trade pieces. Wagner/Hobbs/Jost are wild cards that should not be counted on. If healthy the above team can play top 3/4 in the East and compete into the 3rd round. Steel and, possibly, Mahura will be gone for 3 weeks for the World Juniors, so that will hurt in the standings. It will be a fun and interesting year to be sure.

    With regards to the year that was, I need to preface the criticism that follows with these two comments:

    - Paddock has, overall, done a great job and the team under his stewardship has been so fun to watch; even last year, which was a bit of a transition season, the team was real exciting; and
    - The Pats went to overtime in game 6 of the WHL championship before finally losing out, so any criticism has to be tempered with the reality that all the right moves can't guarantee a season that takes a team further than the Pats went this year.

    With that said, it remains a bit frustrating to me that with the moves made Paddock somehow managed, in my view, to simultaneously weaken the team for the past year and the coming year. Mahura and Sloboshan were great additions. Sloboshan gave the team the 4th centre that it turns out they very much needed. As for Mahura, well if trades are judged by who got the best player, then I think Paddock wins. The price was real high though; ultimately they gave up their forward depth, much of their grit (Smith, Zablocki, Hilsendager and Pouteau) and a decent chunk of their future (Barteaux, Gardiner, two 1st round picks).

    I look at a team like Erie and how when they learned they were getting Strome back they went out and got Foegele, Cirelli and Lizotte to take a real run at it. Rather than do that, the Pats made moves with the apparent primary goal of ensuring they had puck-moving D-men (Mahura, Davidson and Smart) for next year to replace the big three who are graduating (Hobbs, Harrison and Zborovskiy). As great as Mahura is, and he certainly came up big in the playoffs, I'm not sure our defence was better this year, or will be next year, with the 3 we added than it would have been with Hilsendager, Freadrich and Pouteau. Not to mention, all 3 of Hilsendager, Freadrich and Pouteau could have returned next year along with Schioler, Bateaux and Bruce. And we would still have Smith, a big/gritty centre, and Zablocki, perhaps the elite goalscoring winger that we will need in 17/18.

    Of course, this is all just Monday morning goaltending...but for me there is a little bit of "what could have been" to the end of the season.

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    I do not see the Pats picking up a first line forward and a first pair Dman. The Pats will be among the last teams to pick based upon their 2016-2017 record.

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    From what I can understand, their is more politics that goes into the Import draft then anything. Basically, players/agents can tell teams that they aren't going to play in that location. That makes teams shy away from those players. A team that is hosting the memorial cup should have no problems convincing players to come. By no means am I suggesting they will find a first line forward and dman......more likely a top 9 forward and top 4 dman.

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    Archie Lee, what would the Pats be contending for with that line up? Would they be contending to win a round or two in the playoffs? Because that's about all I see and that's a best case scenario. John Paddock stated in his year end interview that it will be an older team and will not have that many rookies, if any. I see 2 impact players and a bunch of other spots that require impact players if they want to even have a chance at winning the WHL Championship next year, never mind the Memorial Cup. The problem is the Pats are losing most of their impact players this off season. This past year was the year to go for it, not next year, especially considering the Pats traded away a bunch of their depth and draft picks this past year in order to get younger on defense. I think it cost the Pats the WHL Championship this past year and it may cost them next year too.

    I believe the line up needs to look a little more like this if they want to contend again:

    X = Impact player to be acquired

    Line 1: X - Steel - Henry
    Line 2: X (Wagner?) - X (Jost?) - X
    Line 3: Holmes - Leschyshyn - X
    Line 4 Buziak / A Luc Smith type of centerman / (de Wit / Lockner) etc..

    D Line 1 - Mahura - X (Hobbs?)
    D Line 2 - X - X
    D Line 3 - Schiolder - Davidson
    D Line 4 Smart - X (Owen Williams for now)

    Goaltending: This is up to John Paddock, but I can see Paddock sticking with Tyler Brown as the starter if the Pats decide to go with a 20 year old goaltender, because he is playoff tested. However, if they trade Brown, I can't see Jordan Hollett or Max Paddock being the starter as neither of them have any playoff experience. As Seattle is finding out this year in the Memorial Cup, it doesn't matter who is in net if the players in front of the goalie aren't playing good enough.

    Also, before things get spun out of control, I do not expect Hobbs, Jost or Wagner to play on the team next year. I merely penciled them in next to an X as that's where they could play if they were on the team next year. Feel free to disagree, but one only has to tune into a Memorial Cup game this year to see what it takes to even win a single game in the Memorial Cup tournament, never mind win the tournament. We saw how good Seattle was against the Pats this year and they are getting smoked in the Memorial Cup. John Paddock has a lot of work to do.

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    You both have put a lot of thoughts into your posts. I just think there will be way too many off season moves to predict anything concrete at this time. Some thoughts that I have:
    a) Did anyone have high hopes for Leedahl, Ahl, and Henry at this time last year? I sure didn't, things can and will happen.
    b) The goaltending choices will be interesting. My original thought was keep both, see if Hollett plays well over the first Brown at the deadline and upgrade a 20 forward. Although teams never get much for a 20 year old tender. I am now starting to lean towards trading Hollett in the summer, might be able to use him to upgrade at a position. I really don't think there is any need to keep both......Paddock seems to stick with Brown.
    c) We might be surprised by some deals this summer. I have heard that some veteran guys have been told that they may get dealt if the team can upgrade.

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