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Thread: Warriors outlook this year...

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    Default Warriors outlook this year...

    This is the year we are built for, does Miller add to this team this year or does he stand pat(aka, Point, etc). We have alot of young tradeable assets and picks that can be used without hurting the future. Our team now on paper is better than the Pats and I believe we have more prospects and draft picks than they do.

    Jeannot Howden Halbgewachs
    Burke Burzan Gregor
    Langan Klatt Almeida
    Kaluski Tracey Popple, Smithies, Smallwood, Petruic

    Brook Sosunov
    Woo Zaitsev
    Paradis Hartje
    Benson, Herron, Armstrong, Sanders

    Wilms Evanoff

    2 to 3 moves would be all we need. Upgrade the 3rd line and a top 4 dman. If Wilms can't handle the goaltending, that would the 3rd move.

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    I am a Raider fan but I agree, the Jaw should have a very strong team this year, along with Regina and Swift. Thankfully PA is building for the next few seasons, our best players are 16-17 as well as our 3 draft picks from the first 2 rounds in the recent draft.

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    Pa will be lights out beginning next year. I would love to see both Regina and Mj at the mem cup this year. The fans deserve it and I hope Miller does what needs to be done this year

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    I think the East is clearly between MJ and Regina this year. Both teams should be adding depth.

    From Brandon I would be looking to unload Kaspick and Clague for 2000s/2001s. I think Clague would be a great addition to your left side playing along side a Brooks or Woo. Kaspick would add depth and character to an already good lineup. You are exactly right that you guys have a ton of good young players to offer up. Couple of your 2000s/2001s not named Woo/Burzan and a draft pick or two.

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    I could see a trade between these 2 clubs. Clague would add speed and skill to the back end and Kaspick would add size and grit to the forwards lines. Two areas that i would look at improving.

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