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Thread: 2017-18 Season - 1st Half

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    I agree that Jerome and Miller aren't having a good start at all. I've watched 3 home games and i actually didn't mind Nachbaur out there. He played a simple game when I watched. Get the puck out. Get the puck in. Forechecked hard. Kept his shifts short. He had some chances that would of been nice to finish on but that's life. I think he's going to end up being a good forward in the league. Miller seems like he doesn't even want to be on the ice at times.

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    Not sure whats up with Miller. As a 1st round bantam pick I think it's safe to say we should expect more from him. I agree, he seems disinterested out there at times. He's only 17 so will have to be patient for now.
    As for Nachbaur, I will say he has just missed on several chances and hope eventually he will be rewarded. Doesn't have the speed for this league though IMO. With his huge size, if he can increase his footspeed his value will go up.
    Then there's Skoleski - had a good start but has since tailed off. His effort is OK at least.

    On a very positive note, Fonstad has been impressive, at this rate he will pass last years point total well before Christmas. He definitely has a scoring touch.

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    We are a soft team again and will not do much until we ditch some of the brittle players we have...we have to take the body as we are not skilled enough to play a freewheeling game. Our ot losses show this. No one has to run a guy thru the boards but at least make contact with the puck carrier...its gonna be a long year if we dont play more physical...

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