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Thread: Gregor and Halbgewachs are back for practice today

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    Default Gregor and Halbgewachs are back for practice today

    I would think, Jeannot and Zaitzev won't be far behind.

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    Howden and Sosnov left earlier than everyone else did they not? I would be surprised if they kept Sosnov much longer, rather I hope he isn't because I'm starting to get excited to see what he can do! (Has anyone seen him play, or know if there are any videos of him playing in Tampa)?

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    Sosunov is playing for Tampa tonight, wouldn't be surprised if he is sent back tomorrow. Howden will be there for at least another week. Unfortunately we lose Brook for 2-3 months. Will this force Miller to go get a Bean or Clague sooner to quarterback the powerplay

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