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Thread: 2017-2018 Regular Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by denim_dan View Post
    Daley on the powerplay is the most outrageous idea a human being can possibly come up with. Looking forward to game 2. Myskiw is our guy.

    you are a troll

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    This team lives and dies with their goaltending. We outshot them last night but I didn't watch so I don't like to put much stock into WHL shot counters. I'm curious what the quality scoring chances were. Simply put, if Thompson (or Myskiw) isn't outstanding, this team doesn't win. No matter who they play. It's been that way all season long.

    I wonder how Moose Jaw fans are feeling this morning....

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    Well put, this team needs superior goaltending in order to be successful. We simply have and continue to give up too many chances in our own end. When the goaltending is great we do OK, when it's average at best we do not do well. Going forward this team needs to improve their defence core for next year to be successful.

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    Anyone who watched, who from WKs was playing with effort?
    I don’t want to pin anything on LT, wouldn’t have made the playoffs if it wasn’t for him

    Casual, are you serious about giving up your STs? Long shot but If they are in the very top row I’d be interested in taking them off your hands. My grandparents moved to Bdn and I’d like to get them STs but they aren’t very good at stairs so need top row seats, but hard to find two together up there. But hopefully Anning is gone and that means you wont need to sell them anyway!!
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    Not in the top row, but we can talk if it comes to that. I don't expect Anning to go anywhere...

    As far as who played with effort, the forwards were all invisible to a man. Mattheos, Lewis, and even Gutenberg showed near 0 effort. I forgot McCorrister was even playing until I noticed him in the second period. It was just a horrible offensive effort. I have no idea how we out shot them. You wouldn't have thought it to watch the game.

    MH had their usual heavy forecheck, notched up a level for the playoffs. Schneider started off struggling, but pulled it together pretty quick. Butter struggled all night. I thought Higson and Shearer were ok with the pressure, likely because they've seen it before. But collectively the defense were playing the MH forwards way too passively giving them all the time and space they needed to score some pretty goals.

    I think both goaltenders were ok. Watch the highlights. They didn't have much of a chance on any of the goals. Trying to blame that game on the goalies is weak, but whatever.

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