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Thread: 2017-2018 Regular Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by denim_dan View Post
    Regina had a ton of shots but that wasn't really a result of them outplaying Brandon it was Brandon being short handed way too much. Officiating was really bad but is usually is in this league. Brandon looked way faster than Regina. Both thompsons looked good. Higson is a beast. Mattheos had a huge opportunity to feed the puck to an open clague in the slot with a few minutes left on a 3 on 2 but for some reason decided to shoot right at the goalie. We didn't play that well and still could have beat Regina. We had possession rushing up ice with a minute left but for some reason clague decided to start a fight? Horrible timing to start a fight. Anning should bench him for the next game but obviously that won't happen. Daley is awful.. He tries hard but just doesn't have it. All of our rookies this year are better than him. I don't know how he's so bad but maybe it's the fact that he can't put on weight. Gets bumped off the puck so easily it's frustrating to watch.

    Agree 100% with the awful assessment!! Have no idea why he is on the PP PK or even in this league.....

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    Well, I guess I saw that game differently from all the other fans. I think it could have been 5-1 at the end of regulation a lot easier than it could have been 2-2. The only reason it was close was Thompson IMO, and that was a stellar game even by his standards. The usual stars were ineffective against a stronger team (I don't care what Kool-Aid the team is peddling, Lewis is still taken off the puck too easily), many of the younger players showed their age and inexperience (particularly Reinhardt and Bettens), and the odd player stepped up but not enough to have a meaningful impact (except maybe Higson's fist to Buziak's face). Still, I will forever cherish Clague's fight as a facetious reminder of what constitutes a top-level defenseman in today's game.

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    Brandon could have easily lost 5-1 I agree. You can't take that many stupid penalties and expect to win. But At the same time Regina didn't impress me all that much. they are missing some key pieces though. Never been a fan of clague. Selfish player. When he got sent back from LA Branden Crowe asked him about this season in Brandon and he said something along the lines of "I wanna dominate then I wanna go to world juniors and dominant and then come back and just continue being a dominant player in this league." Not once mentioned the team he plays for. You can tell by his body language out on the ice that he's only thinking stats.

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    Wow did Medicine Hat just Rape Spokane for Fischer . Ostir a 16 year old Dman and a Second Round pick . Can you imagine what Patrick would have fetched if he would have come back . That’s a crazy price for a 20 year old

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    I think the regina game shows where Bdn sit, a better than average team, which is nothing to sneeze at, but a ways away from beating the Heavyweights. It's a great year to really blood these 16s and 17s, and when this team works hard, I really enjoy watching them!
    I watched the highlights on Pats TV, I think the first two minutes they showed were all power Play! Higson did well I his scrap, clague, not so much!
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    I don't put too much stock in one game. They will come up flat in probably a quarter of their games especially in the first half of the season. I also don't think we are as good as our record shows right now. I think we will be more of a 500 middle of pack team than a 700 top echelon team. Nice to get off to a great start though. If they pull off a couple of wins this weekend , then I will start becoming a believer for this year. I see a split or even 2 losses as a higher probability. Hope I'm wrong. I have noticed Clague's (me) play as well. Tries to shoot all the time, like no-one else is capable of shooting the puck. I'm sure other teams are noticing as well and it will be a detriment in the future. Unfortunately, it is the selfish players that tend to move up the ladder.The kid does bring some offense though. I've actually thought Daley is improved this year. Not sure how he will turn out and he still gets way more ice than he deserves but he is fast and is at least trying to do some hitting this year. On the subject of deserved ice time, was McCorrister on the powerplay still in Regina. Solid player, works hard but he is just not a powerplay guy and that is as nice as I can put it. I like watching the young guys too, this seems like as impressive a 16 year old bunch that we have had in a long time. Schneider will be a 1st round draft pick down the road. Hooker looks really good, I love the Guttenberg, Bettens,Hooker line, hope they stay intact. Would like to see McCartney a little more just to see what he can do or not do yet. I would like to see Baron Thompson get more icetime, try him in front of the net on the powerplay.

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    It looks like we may be a better team this year than I first thought but not as good as our record shows.However, I agree with sbatter that I do not think we can hang out with the big kids on the block namely Reg, MJ, and SC over the whole season. Then we would slot into a wild card spot at best which means 2 home games in Dauphin and season over. Play the young guys and let them develop. If a good deal comes deadline time trade Clague and Kaspick for roster players and prospects.

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    Yeah mccorrister was still on the power play in Regina which was frustrating to watch. Im not sure yet on agreeing on us not being able to compete with swift Regina and Moose Jaw. Swift kicked our asses in the only game we played but they lack depth and aside from that one amazing line they aren't very deep. We have shown we can play with Regina, and to me we still look faster(could change once Wagner returns) but they are the mem cup hosts and will be very good by the end of the season. We'll see. Moose Jaw is obviously very deep and I think they will end up first in the league. It wouldn't be a bad thing to cross over again this year. Central is weak and if Thompson can play like he did in Regina I can't see why we can't beat MH/Leth/RD. I'm definetly being more optimistic than other fans but I really like our team so far. They are fast, physical and fun to watch. Fast skilled forwards with a mix of good young talent. I love our defence. Although clague is selfish he's gotta be the best defencemen in the dub this year. I love the higson/Schneider pairing they have been rocks back there. And can't wait till bukac comes back(anyone know when that will be?) also I agree that baron Thompson deserves more ice time.

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    A few comments on the posts above. I agree that Regina wasn't really all that impressive in beating us...which is what makes losing to them more concerning. But I'm not surprised, and for the most part I think it was a good effort on the part of the Wheaties.

    I don't think Clague endears himself to anyone that follows the team. I certainly don't like him, for many of the same reasons I didn't like Duke last season. But more so I don't like the abundance of soft, undersized offensive defensemen currently garnering all the attention in the league. Is that really the way the game is going at the pro level? A bunch of boys playing a men's game? I'll not be watching any NHL games in the future, that's for sure. Regarding Clague firing everything at the net, Bean and Mahura are the same way. I don't know if they are told to do that, or it's just the nature of those kids always trying to garner points. Trade Clague to Regina and take him off the power play in favor of Mahura and his point total will plummet. Then he will be judged on his merits in his own end. Ponder that for a moment...

    Regarding the two scraps, it was funny to hear the Regina guys call them. Regina's PBP guy was refreshingly honest in Higson's pummelling of Buziak. The color guy made like the refs got in the way and allowed Higson to get a few extra shots in. Lol. Dude if not for the refs and the boards saving Buziak, he would not have ended that fight on his feet. Higson doesn't fight often. But he typically doesn't disappoint when he does. None of our top 4 D should be fighting too often though. Clagues fight? A delight to hear called no matter which feed you listened to. Karma's a ***** Kale.

    Daley I hope has more success in the future. I've heard from a few people he's a nice kid. He does need to step up though as a first round Bantam pick. I'll still take him over guys like Reinhardt and especially Bettens all day long though. At least Daley doesn't float around out there.

    McCorrister on the PP? I never got it. If you're going to put him out there, why not Bubba? He'd be way more effective than McCorrister in from of the net and likely has better finish than McCorrister. I also had to wonder about putting Wytinck out with Schnieder on the second line PP in Regina. Higson fires an old school rocket for the OT winner the game before and gets replaced by Wytinck on the point on the PP next game? Alrighty then....

    Back to Schneider for a minute. The kid's a heckuva player for a sixteen year old, but he's still a sixteen year old. The mistakes are starting to show. Mostly because he's becoming overconfident and trying to do too much. He loses the puck now trying to rush it where he used to use his D partner to relieve pressure. Not many kids get afforded second line minutes with a solid player like Higson in their sixteen year old year. He'd be smart to take advantage of it before Bukac and maybe Shearer come back.

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    I want to start off by mentioning that a 2-1 loss in Regina following a 6 game winning streak should hardly be a cause for concern. So what if they were badly outshot? Sometimes you need your goalie to steal a game, and Thompson provided them that, and keep in mind the winner was an empty net goal. Had they been able to generate any offense in the first 59 minutes, the buzz on this board would be a lot different. Keeping Sam Steel off the scoresheet is a victory in itself.

    IMO, the biggest concern shouldn't be the loss in Regina, but in how we have managed to get to a 7-3-1 record so far. If this team is going to be competitive throughout the rest of the regular season, more scoring is needed from our bottom six players. Is it reasonable to expect Ty Lewis to continue a pace that would put him north of 150 pts this year? Is Stelio Mattheos going to score 65 goals? Is Gunnar Wegleitner, he of 1 goal in 55 career games coming into this year, going to score 40? Is Kale Clague going to continue at a pace that sees him score 100 pts? Now as much as I would love to see all of these things happen, I don't think it's a reasonable expectation and therefore, offense is going to have to come from other sources. I hate to be a debbie downer, but it's true.

    Linden McCorrister has no business playing in the top 6. He has the worst set of hands on the team, maybe even the entire WHL. He doesn't have the skill set to play with a guy like Mattheos, and is more suited to bottom six role.

    CasualFan, do you have a personal beef with Kale Clague? Although I agree with you that his play in the defensive zone does need some work (understatement), I don't think you can over value a point per game dman in junior hockey. He is arguably the top dman in the WHL simply because of his offensive prowess and his skating ability, and if he does become available before the trade deadline, contending teams will bang down the door to try and get him. He is a game changer on the back end, plain and simple. I don't really understand the point your trying to make about taking him off the power and watch his point totals plummet. Yes, take him off the power play and his point totals are cut in half, but that would be the same for all top power play producers. I feel pretty confident in saying that if Regina or any other team makes a deal for him, he'll be on the top power play unit, just as he will be for as long as he remains in Brandon.

    I'm looking forward to the games this weekend, mostly Saturday night, as Victoria looks like one of the powerhouse teams from out west. If we continue to win games, great. If the offense starts to sputter and we remain around the .500 mark as many expect us to, I just hope to see consistent efforts from the kids. Makes it easier to feel like my season ticket money was well spent when we can at least watch competitive hockey.

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