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Thread: 2017-2018 Regular Season

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    They never lost anybody when Al McPherson was the head scout . I was told he was always in contact with Bantam age prospects family's and always made house calls to sell the family's on going to Brandon . He must of had a better read on what players were leaning towards college over Junior cause since the draft has started I didn't see Brandon miss on high end draft picks . But they sure are now . Like it was mentioned They haven't locked up there first round guy yet either which is concerning.

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    Very disconcerting to see the top prospects not commit to the WK. I sure hope Ritchie talks to McPherson on how to get these top prospects to sign. Yes, we have not signed Greig our 1st rounder from last year yet. The WK are only one of 3 teams I believe who have not signed their top pick. How does the team propose to overcome the loss of all these top draft choices?

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    I guess maybe they are going to try to find some diamonds in the rough . I hope that's not there play . They need to get there scouting heads out of there asses and figure this **** out before they turn into The Lethbridge Hurricanes

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    Went to the home opener tonight and could not believe what I saw. 8-1 WK. I realize this is only game 1, but I would say Regina is going to have to improve a whole lot to be a good Mem Cup host. They looked very slow compared to the WK tonight. Was really impressed with the improvement of Bettens and Reinhardt. Both look bigger and faster this year. Thompson was solid in goal although the Pats did not apply much sustained pressure. Lewis was on fire. Excellent skater who blew by a lot of defencemen tonight. He had 2 goals and 3 assists tonight. Defence looked quite solid. Great first game but it is only one game. We'll see what happens in Regina on Sat. Night.

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    I thought everybody played very well last night except Sambrook I thought they pushed him around pretty much all night . He is to soft for my liking . Looks like Anning hasn't changed still not sticking up for his players . I thought All the rookies looked the part . Sure they made some mistakes but they all did way more good things then bad that's for sure . Higson looked like the D man they need this year very solid . All in all good team effort . Don't want to get to high off this win but it was encouraging.

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    Wheat Kings were pretty good and working hard, great effort. Regina came up pretty flat tonight. I expect a lot different team tonight and we will be in pretty tough I think. Steel will be a big part of their team when he gets back. ( And maybe Patrick lol ) The one goal past Thomson, sure looked like it was swatted into the net pretty much every replay I saw. I was pretty much shocked that they let the goal stand . Maybe it just looked like his hand but was the stick, I don't know. I hope so, they can't be that bad using video replay. Moving guys around a bit but thought it was a good move moving Bettens over to play with Guttenberg. He seemed to click better with him than when I seen him with Kaspick and Lewis. Lewis had a great game, never been a big fan of his but looks like he has enough meat on his bones this year to not be pushed off the puck nearly as much. Look for big things from him, he was always fast but would say he looks like he has incredible speed out there last night that will give dmen nightmares. I thought Hooker looked the most comfortable out of the 16's but liked Schneider as well. Also, thought ,several players and the team as a whole looked bigger and stronger, Lewis and Reinhardt coming to mind . Higson brings that toughness of D that we always seem to be short on, when he tries to do too much with the puck and gets into trouble is his downfall but he seems to be getting better at that as well. I thought Baron was all right last night,nothing spectacular but is he going to be an entertaining player for us this year. Bone crushing checks, he will create a lot of space for himself and his linemates this year. I expect a pretty good season from him as well. Nice hustle from Kaspick and Guttenberg to lead the boys. If they can hustle like that every game, it will be an entertaining year.

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    Wasn't expecting a blow out that is for sure. Great game by Lewis man if he is on that next level we may be more dangerous then we though. Be interesting to see what they do tonight.

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    Very good game overall last night. If they can continue to play that way, I'll be the first person here to eat my words.

    I thought for the most part all of the vets looked improved over last season, both in skill but mostly in effort. There were a couple who seemed to have not improved or even taken a step backwards. But I think they deserve a couple of games just as I'd like to see the team play a few games before commenting too much. Good for Lewis to have the game he had. I'm sure Colorado took note. I think the forward lines are far from set so far, but the offense appears to have more potential than I gave them credit for. The defense looks pretty good as well, although it will certainly be an improvement to get Shearer and Bukac back if it's not too late in the season. And Thompson pitched a shutout...I don't care what the refs say. So that bodes well moving forward.

    The best part for me was seeing the teamwork and smiling faces on the ice last night. I'm both interested and concerned to see what happens if (Patrick) and when (Clague) return.

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    Any word on Shearer and Bukac, injuries or timetable ? I'm interested in what happens to Patrick and Clague, if and when , as well. How they have treated their (golden) boys in the past is a big part of what has screwed things up in the past. Daley, being another example too. They all got way too much icetime before they had earned it where most others had to earn it and I think that impacts the teamwork and work ethic. Clague, in his first half season , his stick might have touched the boards or corners but that's about it. A few tough decisions (or trades) ahead for the team when everyone is back and healthy.

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    I read Shearer had a complete tear of his Achille's tendon. I think he'll be lucky to make it back by Christmas, although he's supposed to be a great all around athlete so maybe he can come back a bit sooner. I'm troubled with what we'll be getting back mid-season though, when everyone is in full form and he's just skating for the first time. I think if it was anyone other than a local kid, the team would be pumping out some story about how he decided to pursue school and be looking for a replacement 20. Time will tell if they made the right decision. Waiting on Shearer also affects moving Clague, which I personally would rather see happen sooner than later as I think it's only a matter of time and waiting just affects team chemistry.

    Bukac is pretty much the same situation. They just announced last week he was going to be out longer than initially expected. I got the impression he wasn't coming back before late November for reasons I can't recall now. Bukac isn't the great all around athlete Shearer is supposed to be from what I can see. Where I have reservations about Shearer's ability to rejoin the team in a meaningful capacity midway through the season, I am almost certain Bukac will be a liability. But then I never drank the Kool-Aid and saw him as a liability most of last season. Don't forget he was replaced by a 15 year old for the playoffs. Management can say what they want...actions speak louder than words.

    The best part of last night's game was seeing the kids play as a team, smiling and supporting each other. If they lose that, I'll revert right back to my initial prognosis for this team. And one of Patrick and Clague in particular seems to be a bit of a cancer in that regard.

    Hopefully tonight's game is equally entertaining, win or lose.

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