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Thread: 2017-2018 Regular Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeHallenback View Post
    Too bad Thompsons play is going to get him drafted and he won't be here for his 20 year old season! Looks pretty damm good out there what a difference a year makes. He reminds me of Big Buff in a lot of ways

    I agree Reinhardt was great all night. Burzan is a very hard working 200 foot player.

    That was a young team we faced but when I look at the age difference overall we are pretty close to Calgary.

    Sucks to lose Bettens to college but 2020/21 is a long way away yet and maybe in 2 years this group will be tops in the WHL and pushing to the Memorial cup so who knows.
    Should be interesting next season, lose LT, Shearer, Weinger, likely Lewis and Bukac
    Add Kruger, maybe another goalie, Then these guys will fight it out for the 2 forward and 2 defensive openings, R Greig, Selame, Nychuk, Ritchie, McCallum, Sambrook,
    Some maybe's are Halliday, Zayat and there will be a raft of listed players I don't know about
    Gunner will be on the bubble to join Higson and McCorrister as OAs, Myskiw on bubble, team should be decent, but I think the 2 years after that are the stronger years, depending on NCAA holdouts etc
    And I have to believe a team drafts bubba this year in the lower rounds......Imagine if he was at the top prospects game, running guys over!!!!! Cherry would love it
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    One thing from last night, what was that Cgy player doing waving his stick in Lewis's face last night when Lewis was down? Should have been more than 2 minutes in my mind, wouldn't matter with the anemic PP I guess!
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    Not a bad game against Medicine Hat, in what could (unlikely) be a first round would be a much more entertaining series this year. The team came out and skated well. I think the refs may have had a little too much influence in the outcome, but what else is new in this league?

    So far, I'll take Burzan any day over Kaspick. And I think he will only get better as he settles in. I think he earned going out on the first line in OT. Glad to have him. It was also nice to see some of the team's other top forward be a little more noticeable on the ice tonight, after many recent games where they were invisible (but still given game stars, lol...)

    Not impressed with Hartje so far to be honest. But he is a rookie in the league who was just moved to a new team, so I think he may just need more time. Any hopes of him being Kale Clague lite (really, really lite...) appear to be marketing hype by the club. He skates reasonably well, but rushes to make plays which lead to mistakes. He played the two on one completely wrong in OT. He should have cheated to Jevne with the back checker picking up F2...wasn't fun to watch. And him partnered with Shearer is like pouring gasoline on the fire. They both have the same issues in our end, as can be seen when they are repeatedly found behind out net with both butts on the boards and the slot uncovered.

    While I do think Higson and Schneider are a fair ways ahead of out other two D lines, I agree with sbtatter that they need to move the puck better. Schneider is trying to rush the puck too much and Higson needs to use the glass when under pressure instead of trying to dangle multiple opponents while at a standstill on the blue line. In both cases, I also think the forwards need to do a much better job of giving them an option to pass to. Anyone else notice that pairing goes out a lot with the third and fourth line? Seems a bit odd to me...

    I don't have a lot to say about Wytinck and Bukac the last couple of games...pretty self explanatory in my opinion. I've resigned myself to the fact that watching Bukac is like watching a TimBits tournament, and it's never going to change.

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    I liked Burzan again tonight, didn't see anything wrong with Hartje's game tonight. If anyone tonight on defense, I was cringing every time Higson touched the puck which I usually just reserve for Bukacs and Dailey. He must have had a dozen different screw-ups trying to handle the puck tonight. When he plays a simple game, he is a great dman for us, when he trys to get cute, it is disaster 95% of the time and he tried to play cute most of the game. I agree ,refs were normal, terrible. During a faceoff is about the only time I've ever heard of a slewfoot being called, not on 2 players driving to the net. Big road trip now which traditionally we don't do well on but I like this team's work ethic so we might steal a couple of games. 500 would be a big success I would think.

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    I can see Regina catching us in the standings because they are much stronger than before the trade deadline coupled with our schedule which is very tough the rest of the year. That would be to the team's advantage to finish as the first wildcard team as they would end up playing MH which we would have an equal chance of beating, instead of playing SC.

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    I donít understand why they try so hard to make Daley into something heís not ready to be . I liked Sekundiak on the third line and they just couldnít help them selves from switching them again . I to like Burzan I think he would put up better numbers then Kaspick before long .
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    The refs let the game flow until the third, then they really made themselves noticed. Really not sure that sekundiak slew footed that guy, then they easily could have given MH a penalty on the PK when Gutenberg got put head first into the boards. Oh well, poor reffing appears to be a staple in this league now.
    Med Hat are fast, I thought in the first and third Bdn coped with the speed well. Nice shot by baby quenneville, that boy isn
    T lacking in confidence is he? I was hoping bubba would run him over, 2 games in 2 nights and MH speed meant bubba couldn't catch quite as many people last night.
    I don't mind Hartje so far, but agree that when they look at that OY break away again he might play the shooter a little more being as though the back checker was going to be able to mess with the other forward a bit. I don't know why they switched Daley and Sekundiak, I'd leave sekundiak on the third line because they have looked really effective together. I think Mattheos will like playing with burzan, very impressed with burzans speed and work ethic so far, also can make plays, he's a player...I'm not a huge shearer fan, but I thought the last two games he has been getting better, maybe finally getting over the injury effects? They need to work with Bukac to improve his % of getting the puck out of the zone when he skates behind the net with it, right now he often ends up coughing the puck up in the corner and it's causing me grief haha!! Is ettinger going on the road trip? I hope so, because they need all hands on deck with this trip, and the 3 in 3.
    Lastly, anyone seen Thorpe and lambos play this year? What sort of game do they play?
    Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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    Daley was our first round draft pick. He's making the scout look questionable with his analysis of him during his bantam years. Seems he's hit a brick wall with his development and it's not for a lack of WK's giving him his ice time to nurture him. I thought he had more speed than he shows but going into the corners I feel is putting an anchor attached his back side. Once he stops being afraid of the corners and learn how to take care of himself in that spot will he start doing better.

    I also think Lewis and Bukac will be back next year. Of the two Lewis stands a better chance of proving me wrong. In a selfish way I hope I'm correct. But I do wish him the best as this is what these kids are playing for. So Lewis, Higson and McCorrister will be our O/A's for next year now that Kaspick is out of the equation. Sorry Gunnar. So we should look pretty good until we look between the pipes. We may have to trade up for that spot as Kruger will be here.

    Burzan is living up to what we envisioned him to be and will only get better as he settles in. Looking forward to that. Hartje can skate no doubt. But as I have felt with Higson when he skates with the puck will need to execute and finish otherwise he/they (Higson) are merely skating for show. This road trip should help with them jelling in with their line mates. This will be a big road trip and yes coming home playing .500 hockey would be great, but let's hope for higher.

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    Burzan will be a fan favorite by the end of this year. So lucky to have gotten him. He was simply buried on a great team.

    Now I know the Team wouldn't sign off on it, but anyone else think it's better than 50% that we swap spots with Regina and hold the 1st WC by year end? Then the only question being, could we beat MH in a series? Assuming the officiating is at least only slightly tilted their way ...

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    "Moving the goalposts" metaphorically speaking. That probably would be our best shot at making it past round one. But I have a hard time believing they will take a dive to do that. Plus one takes a chance at missing the WC spot which would be a huge mistake.

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