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Thread: Any Bronco Fans Still Here?

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    Default Any Bronco Fans Still Here?

    Do any Bronco fans still use this site?

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    It sure doesn't seem like it.

    The Bronco's acquired 20 year old goaltender Logan Flodell from the Saskatoon Blades today, which is a significant trade as he fills the void in net after losing WHL graduate Jordan Papirny in the off season.

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    Does anybody remember who the coach/GM was before Manny? Me neither. Should be an interesting next 5-6 days.

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    It was Mark Lamb who would have been good at the GM position but didn't inspire players as a coach. I do think the Broncos will need to make several moves by the deadline if they want a legitimate chance to win the east division. MJ will be the team to beat from what I've seen. I don't know what the Pats will do but they need to make some deals if they don't want to embarrass themselves and the league as hosts of the Memorial Cup.
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    Broncos make a huge trade!! I guess they are going for it all this year.

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