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Thread: 17-18 Season Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDReb View Post
    Does anyone think the rebels have any chance at a come back. Maybe Anders will steal a game for us.
    They don't have nearly as much scoring depth as Lethbridge, but they had success against Lethbridge in the regular season when three things happened. The first thing, is when the Rebels play a more physical style of play against them than what they normally do and in particular are tough in front of their net. The second thing would be when their goaltending made Lethbridge work for their goals, and the third is the Bellerive factor. In the games I have seen him play, he has either put the team on his back and carried them, or been a massive negative factor that works against them, nothing in between.

    If Bellerive starts dominating the game, the series is over, if he starts coasting around, taking lazy and stupid penalties, turning the puck over and constantly arguing with the officials like he did in the games that Lethbridge struggled in, Red Deer can get back into this series.

    Obviously, the most glaring thing in the series so far has been Red Deer's special teams. I wouldn't even go so far as to say it has been bad, so much as it has been completely non-existent. They need to either stay out of the box, or figure out what they were doing to have success before, because that aspect of the team is atrocious at the moment.

    Alexeyev must have been cleared to play and has definitely been a positive factor even though he seems to be having problems with his shot. It would have been easy for the boys to to give up but they put in a great effort and it paid off.
    I notice that most of Alexeyev's passes are a lot shorter and not as crisp as they normally are either, and he has been carrying the puck more. He obviously isn't 100% yet, but that is what the playoffs are all about!

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    Well that’s a wrap on rebel’s season. The team finished about how I thought they would albeit the path to get there was quite different than what I expected.

    It will be interesting to see how the young players we brought up after Christmas develop. I think we have a good group that will be solid whl players. What I don’t see is any high-end talent that teams need to win championships. Hopefully we get some skilled players in this and next years draft.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the playoffs and hoping there will be two Sask teams in the memorial cup.

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