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Thread: Great opening weekend, full tean back now with Howden ...

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    Default Great opening weekend, full tean back now with Howden ...

    Being sent back today! Not a Great effort in Saturday's game, but still scored 7 goals. Reminds me of the Pats last year. Anyone who doubted Wilms I think we will be fine!

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    We will see how he does this friday when we play the pats. I think that if we can add a few more pieces we will be the best team in our division. It would be nice if we could get one more defenseman and one more forward. This is why I'm thinking a Kaspick/Clague trade would be just what we need. I don't want to trade our depth or destroy our chemistry. One or two "Big" trades should be all we need. Do you think we will need more? Or be good where we are?

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    Right now we are the best team on paper in the division. We all know the Pats will be making moves to improve their team, I think we need to make 3 moves to stay ahead of them and to be able to have a chance with Portland. If we could get Bean from Calgary, Koch from Edmonton and Kaspick from Brandon, we would be set up to get to the cup. Probably cost us Tracy, Popple, Smallwood, Herron, Paradis and a 1st and 2nd rd pick.

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    This weekend will give us a good look into how our team will do this season. We will see if Willims and our defense can hold up to the pats offence, even when they are missing a few players. I would like to see the trades done sooner than later so that our team has a chance to gel before playoffs.

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    Warriors look good. Pats still waiting for Lechysyn, Henry, Wagner, etc so they will get stronger as well. Should be a heck of a year in the East Division!

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    Warriors are still waiting on Brook and Hartje to heal up from injuries sustained during the preseason. This will make their solid back end look even better!

    How about our Russian defenseman today! 2 goals after not scoring a single point last year?! It is going to be a great year, looking forward to hosting the CHL #1 ranked team again!

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