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Prices seem to be high, Bdn paid a third rounder for Weinger who may or may not be here after Shearer returns

Hi SB…yes the prices have been high and that will only continue up to the January 10 deadline. It appears to be heading to an extreme sellers market and bad new for the Pats. There will be at least 3-4 teams in each conference looking at deadline acquisitions.

Brandon will have to move/release a good OA. However with Thompson doing well and having lots of offence, they can be highly competitive down the stretch. Add a forward and d-man they could be trouble. If Patrick were to come back time to watch out! They are a good squad so I can't really see them throwing in the towel and moving the like of Clague/Kaspick etc. If anything they may be looking at some additions.

IMO Bean may be the only true "elite" d-man who is actually available. There will also be a number of clubs trying to land him. The price could end up being obscenely high. It might tough to throw all your eggs in one basket for a player, especially when there are multiple needs.